Love Island's Tommy Fury dated Hollyoaks hottie Chelsee Healey after sliding into her DMs

LOVE ISLAND's Tommy Fury dated Hollyoaks hottie Chelsee Healey after sliding into her DMs.

The 19-year-old boxer and brother of heavyweight champion Tyson persuaded her to go on a date after she caught his eye on a night out in Manchester last month.

Sources tell Daily Star that when they first got chatting, Tommy failed to get the soap beauty's number.

So he contacted her on Instagram and made it clear that he fancied her with a string of saucy direct messages.

Chelsee, 30, who plays Goldie McQueen in the Channel 4 soap, eventually messaged him back and they went out together.

A pal of the boxer said: "We were on a night out in Manchester and Chelsee just happened to be there.

"Tommy noticed her straight away and couldn't stop looking at her. He was proper smitten.

"They knew some of the same people and he begged one of our mates for an introduction.

"He was being his usual cheeky self and she was laughing, so whatever he was saying seemed to work."

The source added: "Tommy was proper kick-ing himself for not getting her number. He really wished he'd asked her out.

"He found her on Instagram and started sending her DMs. It took a little while before she messaged him back, but he managed to persuade her to go on a date.

"They met up a week or so later and had a really nice night out. It was a fun date, but he realised that she was out of his league."

Nothing came of their liason and now Tomy has entered Love Island to find

Speaking about Love Island, the source added: "He was just chuffed to have gone on a date and they've remained friends.

"Now Tommy's turned his attention to the show and is hoping he'll have better luck in the villa."

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