Love Island’s Ron jealous over Shaq’s friendship with Casey after washing-up gate

Tensions bubbled over in the Love Island villa on Thursday night's episode of the show, after Shaq Muhammad confronted Ron Hall when he didn't pull his weight with doing the dishes.

The incident was the latest in a series of tense words between the once-close boys, and now a sneak peak at Friday night's episode of Love Island reveals the pair will sit down to air their grievances – with it appearing that Ron is jealous about Shaq's friendship with Casey O'Gorman.

Shaq, 24, and Ron, 25, came to blows last night, after the boys cooked the girls a three course dinner, where each couple sat on individual tables around the pool of the South African villa to enjoy a romantic date night.

After the meal, the majority of the boys went to wash up, however, Ron sat himself down for a chat with his partner Lana Jenkins, 25, and Shaq's partner, Tanya Manhenga, 23.

Shaq could be seen getting more and more annoyed with Ron as he sniped about him to the boys, before repeatedly calling out to him to come and help.

Eventually, it got too much for Shaq as he stormed over to Ron and demanded that get to work in the kitchen, and finish his chat with the girls later.

The fallout didn't go unnoticed by the other Islanders, as Shaq's partner Tanya was left unimpressed and said she was going to speak to him about his actions, whilst Olivia Hawkins told Ron and Lana that she thought it was "unfair" of Shaq to shout at Ron.

In a teaser for the latest episode, Shaq pulls Ron for a chat to clear the air, as he says: “I just wanted to speak to you on a one-to-one basis, at the start me and you were very close and very tight and as time has gone on we’ve grown further apart.”

Shaq continues: “It stems from how much I care about Lana, I do care about you as well and I don’t want there to be any friction between me and you.”

Ron replies: “Aside from the Lana situation, I feel like the reason we’ve drifted apart was the Casey situation. I felt like you thought he was more important and you’d only known him for a couple of days."

Following his chat with Ron, Shaq goes to speak to Tanya and Lana about the drama the night before, as Tanya calls him out, saying: “It was rude, he’s a grown man, he heard you the first time.”

Lana then says: “It didn’t sit right and I felt like it wasn’t about the kitchen.”

After the departure of Tanyel Revan, all of the Islanders are now coupled up, but no one is safe form being dumped.

It was revealed on Thursday night's show that a public vote has now opened, with fans of the show voting to pick the "most compatible couple."

Those who receive the least votes are at risk of being dumped.

Love Island continues weeknights and Sunday at 9pm on ITV2.


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