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SHE'S Love Island's biggest man-eater after having sex with two coupled-up blokes in the villa last year – even wearing one's jumper while doing the deed with the other.

But one year after bedding Eyal Booker, coupling up with Alex Miller and eventually Wes Nelson Megan Barton-Hanson, 25, reveals she desperately wanted to hook up with a woman during the show- and still does.

Now The Sun Online's new Love Island columnist Megan speaks for the first time about being bisexual.

In her most candid interview yet, blonde bombshell Megan admits she has kept her sexuality a secret until now out of fear she would be judged.

However she's adamant she eventually wants to settle down with a woman because they're "better in bed" and she has "deeper connections" with them.

"I just felt like I needed to get with a guy because society said so but after the s*** I've been through, I just want to see how it goes with a woman," says Megan, who reveals she enjoyed her first same-sex relationship as a teenager at college.

The 25-year-old has opened up about her bisexualityCredit: Stewart Williams – The Sun

"I first fell in love with a girl when I was 16, but it wasn't even in a sexual way.

"I never saw her just in that way, but we'd like hang out, and one thing led to another.

"We would do everything together. I found her more and more attractive, and not even the way she looked, just like the way she was in general. I just feel like I have a deeper connection with women.

She added: "I think long-term I would get with a woman, but it's hard.

"I really want kids, so that's something I'd need to look into when the time comes."

In a surprise twist, Megan reveals she originally auditioned for Love Island in 2017, one year before finally being accepted, but she blames admitting she fancied girls in the first audition for seeing her rejected.

She said: "I was super open and said I feel like I’m more into girls, but I think that's what put them off."

When she auditioned for the second time Megan came clean about her stripper past – but this time kept schtum about fancying girls.

"In Love Island I already felt I had a stigma attached to me because of being a stripper," she explained.

"I didn't want to like add to it by revealing I like girls as well!

"But now I feel like everyone has accepted that and to be honest, I don't care what people think.

"I'm 25, I want to find someone, maybe not the one, but the one for now.

"I want to find someone to travel with and enjoy life with, so I feel like I just need to be a bit brave now and say it how it is. It's so easy to let fear of people's opinions stop you from being true to yourself."

She found love with engineer Wes, 21, in the villa after seducing him while he was coupled up with co-star Laura Anderson.

But their relationship broke down during his stint on Dancing On Ice when he was partnered with stunning skater Vanessa Bauer.

"The last person I slept with was a man, but it was highly disappointing," Megan reveals.

"That's why I feel more compatible and comfortable with women.

"I never properly got with a girl in Love Island because nobody caught my eye.
"This year I find Anna Vakili really attractive, she's cute.

"My dream woman is Eva Mendes, I like Spanish looking girls with dark hair and olive skin.

Megan slept with two men in the Love Island villa

"I like Tommy Fury too, he's nice – but I like his brother Tyson more."

As a 16-year-old, Megan enjoyed a two-year on-off relationship with a girl from college who she describes as her "first love".

But after that she admits feeling pressured to be straight "by society" until finding her sexual confidence.

She said: "Since then I've slept with girls, but I've never had long term romances with girls.

"It's not just a sexual thing for me, I feel like I have a deeper connection with women.

Megan was popular among the girls in the villa

"I get so awkward saying it, because I've never said this in public before.

"When I first came out, my parents were like 'OK', but even if they weren't OK for me it's not about pleasing people – it's about being comfortable in your own skin and I'm learning that now as I get older.

On her reasons for finally coming out now, Megan explains: "If it's right, you've got one life, live it, enjoy life. Just live. Although we're much more open-minded and less judgmental now, there is still a lot of judging around people's sexuality.

"If you have any type of platform I think it's important to use it for people who don't have a voice. There's a lot of people who fear they can't come out – but the more it's spoken about the more it becomes less of a thing."

She's since joined a lesbian dating app, but complains the women are mostly "really butch" and that's not her type.

"If I haven't found anyone in three months I'm done," laughs Megan.

"I'm going to go to the nunnery."

It's hard to imagine Megan finds it difficult to date but after finding fame she says it's too tough so is seeking professional help by signing up to Channel 4's Celebs Go Dating.

She was left devastated this weekend when it was claimed producers are planning a showdown between her and ex Wes on-screen – it will be the first time they have seen each other since splitting up.

"I was really hurt by him," says Megan.

"I thought he was the one but you have to move on. If the rumours are true I don't know why he would sign up knowing I was already doing it?

"I'm there with good intentions, I really want to find someone. It will be awkward to see him dating someone else. I'm only human. Nobody chooses to see their ex.

"I was really hurt by the break-up and I put everything into the relationship but I'm a big believer in whatever is meant for you won't pass you by."

So what about just returning to the villa if it all goes wrong? Surely Love Island bosses would welcome her back with open arms after last year's antics helped score them their highest viewing figures ever.

"I would love to go back and this time be more ruthless.

"Some people had a game plan – I didn't.

"It would be nice to go in and do it knowing what I know now.

"It could happen!"



Hi guys, Megan here. I'm taking over The Sun Online's Love Island column this summer to give you all the gossip and my brutally honest review of the new recruits. Stay tuned for the latest gossip and what I really think about everyone in the villa. I won't hold back – so don't miss it!

This year Megan admits she is disappointed about the lack of diversity among the women.

"I've only seen one curvy girl in the line-up and definitely would have liked to see more.

"Everyone said it was going to be different this year, with someone who is voluptuous or curvy.

"Hopefully they're going to bring in more girls like that in later, like they did with me."

There are no couples from last year's show who have lasted the test of time. Even champion Jack Fincham will be Megan's co-star on Celebs Go Dating as he moves on from Dani Dyer.

When asked what makes a relationship work, Megan said: "Both people need to be on the same level. For me, it wasn't about publicity, money or fame.

"I just wanted to find someone that I could live my life with, go on holiday with, I could experience the world with.

Giving her stellar advice to the latest recruits, Megan added: "Just be honest, be yourself. I got a lot of stick for what I did in there, but I had the best experience.

"You're only there once, you can't recreate it. Even if people think you're going to be selfish, it's your one chance. Don't worry about what the public are going to say – you can't please everyone."

It's rumoured the future of Love Island's second villa Casa Amor was thrown into doubt as producers feared backlash following the deaths of Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon.

However it's believed to be returning, but its role will be to "boost romance, not split people up".

There were also calls for the lie-detector test to be scrapped.

"It has to come back," Megan says.

"I would love it. I know we've got Caroline Flack, but if we have another villa, I need to be there.

"I need to witness it all, it would be amazing if it came back."

"As for the lie-detector test, I think it's a good indication [of the person you're with].

"I was blinded by love, he literally could have failed every single answer and I would have been like 'he loves me, it's fine'.

"I think some people are there for love and some people are there for other reasons and the lie detector helps prove that."

"I'd love to try the hot tub in the hideaway too – I'd definitely be doing all kinds of Beyonce moves and have a bit of foreplay there – then take it to the bed!"

Stay tuned for more of Megan's views in her brand new column only on The Sun Online.

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