Love Island’s Maura exposed as ‘two-faced’ after dramatic showdown with Elma

Friends become enemies on tonight's Love Island as Maura Higgins clashes with Elma Pazar.

The pair, who arrived in the villa together, have a dramatic showdown over new boy Tom Walker.

Maura only wants Tom to have eyes for her and doesn't want to be in another love triangle, but Elma is open to getting to know the model.

The feisty girls go head to head during a tense confrontation as they finally air their grievances to each other.

Irish grid girl Maura accuses Elma of going back on her word after saying she wasn't initially interested in Tom.

Elma says: “I would never want to tread on your toes.”

When Maura claims her pal said she wasn't interested in Tom, Elma insists that she wasn't considering coupling up with him.

Maura says: “But you are now? We’re friends and I know if I was in your situation and a guy came in that you liked, I wouldn’t do that. If Tom wanted you, what would you do?”

Hitting back, Elma says: “We get on but I made it clear that I wouldn’t want to tread on your toes.”

Angry Maura replies: “Girl-code. I just wouldn’t. I don’t want to get into another love triangle especially with my friend.”

They seem to settle their differences but Elma wakes up the next day feeling frustrated.

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The Essex eyelash technician feels as if she had been made to look like she is in the wrong.

Elma goes to get advice from Molly-Mae, who was Maura's former love rival when they competed for Tommy Fury.

Elma says" “I wish I had just left it because it looked like I had something to apologise for when I didn’t. She sat there and went on about girl-code when she did worse to you [Molly-Mae].”

After today’s challenge, Elma is keen to bring Maura up on what she thinks is double standards on Maura’s behalf.

On the day beds, Elma says: “You were saying that you wouldn’t have done this to me but you literally did that to Molly.”

Can the girls put all the drama behind them and go back to being friends?

Before the confrontation, Maura asks Tom how his private chat with Elma went.

Tom says" “Good. I’m just a bit reserved on the fact of how keen you were on Tommy. I saw how much you liked Tommy and can’t imagine you just turning that off.”

Easing his concerns, Maura says" “It would be very different if we had a romantic relationship and he absolutely broke my heart but it’s only been three days.”

When Tom asks how she feels about him, Maura admits: "I like you."

Tom replies: “Good. I like you.”

Could they become a new power couple?

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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