Love Island’s Curtis ‘binned off’ Amy after just two conversations with Jourdan

Love Island's most stable couple has fallen apart and it seems that they have split on the basis of two conversations.

Professional dancer Curtis Pritchard has binned off Amy Hart after he turned his back on their four-week relationship after he spoke to new girl Jourdan Riane twice in four days.

Amy and Curtis had been the most solid couple in the villa before Casa Amor broke their relationship apart.

While absence made the heart grow stronger for Amy leaving her feeling like she has fallen in love with Curtis after their intensive four week relationship, it was a different story for her 'other half'.

Six new girls in the villa meant that Curtis was exposed to someone different to Amy and in just a few days, he realised there was something missing from his current coupling.

Curtis may have chosen to stay loyal to Amy in the recoupling but the relationship started to unravel once Amy realised that she was 'second best.

After seeking out Jourdan for a conversation, Amy found out that she had only spoken to Curtis twice in a meaningful way, and this was enough for him to want to jump ship.

She then spoke to Curtis in emotional scenes, in which he confirmed that he would have recoupled with Jourdan if Danny Williams hadn't got there first.

He also told Amy that he couldn't guarantee not 'straying' again during the remaining weeks on the ITV2 dating show.

Viewers at home were equally as scathing of Curtis' actions and questioned that he could finish with Amy after the briefest of liaisons with Jourdan.

The fact that he called Jourdan 'beautiful'  and referred to Amy as just 'talented' was enough to get plenty of ire from fans of the show.

*Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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