Love Island's Amy screams at Curtis after hearing truth about him grafting Jourdan in explosive preview

LOVE Island's Amy screams at Curtis after hearing the truth about him grafting new girl Jourdan in an explosive preview for Wednesday's episode.

During last night’s dramatic instalment Curtis nearly left Amy for Jourdan in scenes that shocked the nation.

But fans scoffed when Curtis got pied by the pretty newcomer and went crawling back to Amy.

It turns out that Amy isn't laughing and rains down fury on the ballroom dancer after the dramatic recoupling.

The teaser for Wednesday's episode shows her angrily pointing her finger at him and saying: "I was coming back here to tell you I love you."

She's clearly seething and Curtis is barely able to get a word in as she lays into him.

During the recoupling, he said: "Amy and I haven’t had any tests or any bump in the road really and things were going fantastic until a couple of days ago.

"Basically a young lady walked into the villa and made me realise a lot of things.

"Over the past four days I’ve found out more about myself and my feelings than ever before and made me realise I had been lying to myself, and most of all, Amy.

"And that's not a good thing."

Love Island viewers were left heartbroken for Amy as Curtis admitted he'd been lying to her all along about his feelings – despite her revealing she loved him.

The couple's relationship crashed into rocks and he made it sound like he didn't want to be with.

He told Tommy Fury during the villa split: "I’ve been lying in mine and Amy’s relationship without even realising it. There are things wrong in our relationship.

"I haven’t been expressing my feelings properly… But there are things wrong with it.

"I don’t like how sometimes Amy doesn’t do things. I don’t like the fact that Amy is so negative sometimes when she doesn’t need to be because she is talented, she’s smart.

"I don’t like these things. The fact that Jourdan has those things straight away has influenced me and changed my mind.”

It comes as Curtis and Amy used to be the strongest couple in the villa.

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