Love Island’s Amber Gill and Joanna Chimonides clash during VERY awkward lunch date after ‘dead ting’ comment

In a first-look at Thursday night’s episode, Amber Gill and Joanna Chimonides are seen having an awkward chat, after the fall-out of the dramatic recoupling which saw Michael Griffiths pick Joanna over Amber.

Heading out of the villa for a catch-up, the pair sit down to enjoy a cup of tea and air their differences, but initially they both sit there in silence.

Joanna eventually initiates a conversation, saying: “I’m going to be the bigger person…”

Amber interrupts Joanna and says: “The bigger person? What have I done?”

Joanna says: “I don’t want there to be tension in the villa. I know that we’re not going to be the best of friends.

“This is the perfect opportunity to have it out and then we’ll squash it and be on good-ish terms in the villa.”

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Amber says: "The bigger person? I haven't done anything. Did somebody zip your lip? You could have said hello."

Joanna replies: "At the end of the day I did come and say hello. You can hold on to that I didn't say hello."

She added: "Then you called me a dead ting."

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Amber hit back: "You are stood there and didn't say hello. You had every opportunity to just say hi."

Amber went on to let Joanna to know how it felt walking into the villa and finding out that Michael had recoupled with another girl.

She says: “It was a pretty s**t situation for me to walk in front of everybody by myself. To stand there and look at Michael coupled up with you. That wasn’t nice. It hurt my feelings a lot.”

Joanna says: “Absolutely. I felt for you.”

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