Love Island fans spot something awkward in mirror as Curtis rubs Tommy’s bum

Love Island fans spotted something very awkward in the mirror as Curtis Pritchard gave Tommy Fury a massage tonight.

The boxer asked the ballroom dancer to give his tight muscles a rub in the bedroom.

The pals took their relationship took the next level as Curtis straddled Tommy on the bed so he could get his hands on his back.

As he rubbed his back, Curtis said: "I’m not joking Tommy. Deal with it! Breathe through it. In through your nose and out through your mouth."

The hilarious moment had viewers in stitches, especially when they noticed what was going on in the mirror.

The words 'hook up' on the mirror behind the pair were positioned right inbetween the pair.

Taking to Twitter after seeing the reflection, one viewer said: "Had the shock of my life when I looked in the mirror"

Another added: "Cannot deal with these two, my fave couple in the villa. The way ‘hook up’ is perfectly placed by their butt cheeks in the mirror."

A third said: "Absolute plot twist. Curtis and Tommy couple up"

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Love Island fans were in hysterics after watching Curtis work his magical hands on Tommy.

As he struggled with the pain, Tommy jokingly cried: "Curtis, I can’t take no more!"

Later on in the Beach Hut, Tommy reflected on his bonding experience with Curtis.

Tommy revealed that Curtis was actually very good at massaging his bum.

If the reality TV or dancing career does not work out, Curtis could get a job as his masseuse.

Tommy said: "Curtis was giving me a massive back rub in the bedroom.

"My ass was a bit tense so I asked him ‘Do you mind massaging the gluteal area and get some knots out my back?’

"He’s good at it! My back feels 10/10."

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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