Love Island 2019 couples – Results of first coupling up revealed in episode one as Joe wins Lucie's heart

LOVE Island's first couples of 2019 have been revealed – with Lucie Donlan abandoning poor Michael Griffiths for Joe Garratt.

With their matching wavy hair and gleaming smiles, Joe and Lucie look a little like the creepy before-and-after of a gender-swap app.

However, after hitting it off on the show tonight – and withstanding the advances of creepy Anton – there is every chance the Cornish surfer and the London sandwich king could go the distance.

The pair are just one of five couples revealed on the show tonight – and here we run down the other four and their chances of survival.

With Love Island, it's basically a massive success if you last till after the ad break.

But how many of this lot do you see surviving and being contenders for the prize?


Lucie and Joe

Stunning Lucie Donlan – if you didn't happen to hear her mention it the first 9,000 times – is a surfer and wanted a man with the look to match.

Joe Garratt, 22, might make sandwiches in a lock-up in south London, but he has the wavy blonde hair the 21-year-old was after.

They may look like brother and sister, but there's every chance these two could go the distance – which in Love Island terms means literally three days.

However, stepping forward for Joe, Lucie had to abandon poor Michael, who was left on the sidelines, poor lad.

Amber and Callum

Beauty therapist Amber Gill, 21, seemed highly sceptical about aircraft engineer Callum Macleod, 28, especially when she found out about their age difference.

"So you're old then?" she asked.

"But I look quite young don't I?" he replied somewhat hopefully.

"No," she replied without hesitation. Utterly doomed.


Amy and Anton

Former air hostess Amy Hart towered over Anton in her heels – and then he suggested she'd soon be shaving his bum.

We'll be honest – this did not look like a match made in Love Island heaven.

However, things seemed a little sunnier when they chatted about how she's never had a boyfriend with 24-year-old Anton saying: "Hopefully I can give her a good experience."

Yewande and Michael

"We can get on and have a bit of a laugh," Michael told her – but scientist Yewande didn't seem impressed.

She grilled the 23-year-old firefighter over his past relationships and even accused him of lying to her, with is always a winner on a first date.

But they eventually bond over the bio-medical science degree he did.

"I wouldn't really usually go for him," the 27-year-old explained. "But he is surprising."

Anna and Sherif

This coupling didn't exactly go to plan – Sherif got dumped by Amber for Callum and then got together with Anna.

But things started looking up when it turned out he follows her on Instagram.

She told him: "Obviously I'm 28 and you're 20 which is quite a big thing, but I think we get on. Let's just take each day as it comes."

He seemed happy enough with that. Promising!
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