LOTR TV Show Writer Can't Talk About It, So Stop Asking

Information about Amazon’s big budget Lord Of The Rings series is still very thin on the ground, with most news off the set simply confirming whether production is in motion or not. Now, a screenwriter attached to the project has had to ask fans to stop assuming all her tweets are about the show.

After Peter Jackson proved how beautifully Tolkien’s works could adapt to film with his Lord Of The Rings trilogy (and, to a lesser extent, the later Hobbit trilogy) it’s no wonder fans are excited to see more of Amazon’s big budget TV show set in Middle-earth’s Second Age.

Speculation about the show was kicked into a frenzy when reported that the production had hired NZ intimacy coordinator Jennifer Ward-Lealand, which got fans wondering whether Amazon was planning to write Game Of Thrones-style nudity and sex scenes into Tolkien’s generally quite chaste world. One of series screenwriter Gennifer Hutchison’s tweets was then taken to be a response to these rumors, leading to the writer deleting her tweet.

The later tweet is a great reminder that we won’t be seeing Amazon’s cast or crew comment on the production until more official information is set to be released. Cast member Nazanin Boniadi shared a similar sentiment in a recent interview, only saying that she was excited about the production but was sworn to secrecy on most aspects of the production.

If you’re still desperate to know more, check out GameSpot’s guide to everything we know about the series so far, including the setting, cast, budget, and more.

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