Loose Women’s Kaye Adams ‘wore TENA lady’ for protection during Strictly stint

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Loose Women host Kaye Adams opened up about her Strictly Come Dancing stint in her first ITV appearance since she was axed from the show.

Kaye was sent home after the judges decided to let her go and she has since returned to her presenting role on ITV's midday chat show Loose Women.

She was joined by Coleen Nolan, Janet Street-Porter and Denise Welch and the panellists were all excited to see Kaye back in the hot seat.

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They all complimented Kaye's performance but also made some backhanded remarks, which left the stars in stitches.

Denise remarked that she thought Kaye was going to be "as bad at dancing as Theresa May," while Janet Street-Porter said that the presenter had "flashed her knickers".

Kaye then shared some of the thoughts she had while dancing: "…I've thrown myself up in the air, I've got my TENA Lady's on – what else do you want from me?!"

The audience burst out laughing at her off the cuff comment as the ITV show played clips of her dancing on Strictly.

Then Janet offered: "Please don't beat yourself up about it! I watched and I just thought you were brilliant! To do the Charleston with so many steps, flash your knickers, all of that!"

Kaye then joked that she was "more than happy to do that, now or any time," but Janet wasn't having any of it and ordered her to "sit down" because she's "on Loose Women now".

Janet then gave more support to her co-star and urged her "not to beat herself up" before Kaye admitted that she was "grateful" for the experience and "learned so much".

Kaye then said: "In terms of: 'Don't beat yourself up,' I am going to be more positive about myself. I've always been: 'Can't dance,' but I could learn to dance, I know that I could learn to dance. The pressure was too much for me there, outside my comfort zone and probably too far outside my comfort zone."

"I've got to stop making jokes against myself, putting myself down."

The panellists all agreed that she should stop but noted that "all women do," while Janet said that "once women get to a certain age, they beat themselves up" and say that they "can't do things anymore".

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