Loose Women’s Janet asks if very rude tomato can be shown in school holidays

The Loose Women were left in hysterics today when a rude tomato appeared on screen.

The ladies had asked viewers to send in photos of their tomatoes after Janet Street-Porter and Brenda Edwards went head-to-head in a growing challenge.

Competitive Janet claimed she had the best tomatoes, so Andrea McLean wanted to find out if any viewers could beat her.

Introducing the final picture, the presenter said: "And finally here's Katie's rather rude tomatoes."

Everyone on the panel started giggling while the studio audience burst out laughing in shock.

Brenda's stunned reaction was hilarious as she gazed at the filth-looking tomato.

Trying to describe what they were seeing, Andrea said: "That's interesting. I think that's a tomato/carrot hybrid."

Confused Janet asked: "Can we show that in the school holidays?"

This came after Janet and Brenda competed to see who could grow the best tomatoes.

Confident Janet pointed out that she has been growing them for years, while Brenda was starting this year for the first time.

There was tension in the studio as both ladies revealed their tomatoes – with Brenda's looking much brighter and fresher.

However, things got heated when Janet boldly accused her rival of cheating.

"You are a complete charlatan," claimed Janet as she produced a supermarket wrapper.

Claiming a victory, Janet explained: "I think they are classic vine tomatoes. Game, set and match."

*Loose Women airs weekdays on ITV at 12.30pm

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