Loose Women stars left outraged over claims ‘everyone should have children’

Loose Women fans joined the panellists to share their outrage by the Pope thinking that it is selfish for people to not have children of their own.

The Pope recently said that he thinks it's selfish for people to not want to have children but viewers of the ITV show didn't agree.

The panellists discussed 'Is it 'selfish' to not have kids?' with the majority agreeing it is up to the individual whether they commit to this or not – resulting in fury from some of the Loose Women ladies.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to express their opinion, with most saying it isn't always an option to have children and some simply don't want to.

One person wrote: "Selfish not to have kids? Wouldn’t it be worse to have kids when you aren’t 100% ready or sure you’re lifestyle fits having a kid? #LooseWomen"

A second fan commented: "I’m still relatively young but I decided a long time ago that I was never going to have any kids for the pure reason that I just don’t want them," as one added: "There’s too many people in the world who, quite frankly, should not have had children. #LooseWomen"

Another wrote: "Hi Ladies, I don't think it's selfish not to have children. The world is overpopulated. I also have a hereditary disease. Do I want to give that to my child? No! Then we have COVID. I wouldn't bring a child into the world with this looming over us all at present."

Carol McGiffin, who doesn't have children, started off the conversation by saying she didn't want children and actually she finds it selfish that people do have children if they aren't ready or not in the right circumstance.

She said: "This whole discussion this assumption just drives me to distraction and it's always on the agenda, it's always being asked as a question, why don't you have children?"

The panellist reflected on a time that a friend told her she'd be a 'much better person if you had children'.

Denise Welch then joked about how many children the Pope has himself, which is zero due to having to take a vow of celibacy.

The Loose Women then agreed that it isn't really up to the Pope to say it is 'selfish' to not have children due to not having any himself.

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