Liz Cheney says she would not support Trump in 2024: 'We cannot embrace insurrection'

Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) appeared on Your World With Neil Cavuto Wednesday where she stunned the host with her blunt rejection of even the possibility of supporting former President Donald Trump if he were to be the GOP nominee in 2024.

“If Donald Trump were the 2024 nominee, would you support him?” Cavuto asked. “I would not,” Cheney replied without hesitation. Cavuto appeared to gather his thoughts before responding with a slow, “Okay.”

Cheney has been vocal about her belief that Trump played a large role in causing the Capitol insurrection on January 6, one of the few Republicans to do so, and voted to impeach him because of it. On Wednesday, Cheney doubled down.

“I’ve been very clear about my views of what happened on January 6, about my views of the president’s culpability,” Cheney said. “I obviously voted to impeach him. I think that it was the gravest violation of an oath of office by any president in American history, and I’m gonna continue to make sure people understand that.”

Trump has slammed Cheney, along with any other Republican who shares her beliefs, and Wednesday was no different. In a statement following the interview, Trump called Cheney “crazy” and said he’d “soon” endorse a primary challenger.

'We've got to be the party of hope and aspiration'

Cheney is one of the few Republicans who have spoken out against the former president following the events of January 6, while many high-profile members of the GOP have sought to downplay what happened. Cheney had a message for them as well.

“I think for us as a party, we’ve got to be the party of hope and aspiration. We cannot embrace insurrection. We can't minimize what happened on January 6,” Cheney said. “And I think that all of us, regardless of partisanship, have an obligation and a duty to the constitution. A duty to the peaceful transition of power.”

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