Liv is destroyed by drink once more in Emmerdale after cruel Sandra trap?

Sandra (Joanne Mitchell)’s evil plan to break up Liv (Isobel Steele) and Vinny (Bradley Johnson) so she can gain more control over Liv steps up a gear in upcoming Emmerdale episodes.

Using Liv’s asexuality against her, Sandra has been doing her best to throw Gabby (Rosie Bentham) and Vinny together. Sandra’s idea is that Vinny must be feeling sex-starved and all too willing to jump into bed with another woman, but so far her attempts to push him and Gabby together haven’t worked.

She convinces Gabby to talk to Vinny about the supposed problems in his marriage, and Gabby is curious when Vinny tells her that he’s never had sex. When Liv sees Gabby and Vinny together she begins to realise that Sandra is somehow manipulating the situation and calls her out on her behaviour.

Sandra decides to switch her tactics and focus on Liv, who is an alcoholic like her mother, but unlike Sandra is in recovery and doing well. Evil Sandra decides to put a stop to Liv’s sobriety by switching her drink for an alcoholic one.

When Liv takes her first sip she recoils, terrified that the single taste of alcohol will open the door once again to her alcoholism. On Sandra’s prompting, Vinny questions her about whether she swallowed the liquid or not and at first Liv tries to lie before storming out.

Vinny is left feeling shell-shocked, while Sandra can’t help smiling because her plan is working. She piles on further pressure by involving Mandy (Lisa Riley), winding her up into thinking that Liv has fallen off the wagon.

Then Sandra plays her ace card and suggests taking Liv for a trip abroad. With an oblivious Liv thinking Sandra only has her best intentions at heart, she risks putting herself completely under her mother’s control.

Will someone realise what Sandra is up to and step in? Or has Sandra won her power game with her daughter?

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