Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Memes About The Marvel Movies

1.If Tony and Peter Parker were at a bar:

2.The real reason Doctor Strange picked this future:

3.And an actual photo of him finding that future:

4.Here’s an absolute truth:

5.Loki gets his own gender:

6.Pretty sure this actually happened:

7.Yeah, so…they put Thanos in Fortnite.

8.This is 100% true:

9.I wanna see this scene:

10.Siddown, Parker:

11.Also T’Challa is now played by Jordan Peele and Killmonger by Keegan-Michael Key:

12.I stan Goose as Fury’s furry therapist:

13.Somebody dreamed up an excellent sequel:

14.You know what? I think this person is right:

15.“Oh what, did Leonardo use his swords to make the Mona Lisa?”

16.“It’s important, trust me”:

17.Wow, imagine calling out Steve Rogers like this for something that’s completely accurate:

18.TBH, Steve probably had a rough 70-ish years:

19.The only being that can defeat Thanos:

20.Thicc Thanos has his ways:

21.And finally…wait, this is a really good point:

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