Line of Duty fans terrified Terry Boyles will be killed off after cryptic tribute tweet from show boss

LINE of Duty fans are worried that Terry Boyles is in danger of being killed off after show boss Jed Mercurio posted a cryptic tweet. 

Viewers were on the edge of their sofa during Sunday's latest Line of Duty episode, which included an ambitious stunt. 

Terry Boyles (Tommy Jessop) narrowly escaped death after PC Ryan Pilkington (Gregory Piper) rerouted their police car to crash into a lake in an attempted murder.

Ryan brutally murdered police officer Lisa Patel by drowning, but Terry was saved thanks to DI Kate Fleming who noticed the car sinking in the lake. 

Ryan was interrupted before he could drown Terry, meaning he was safely taken into protective custody in the nick of time.

While fans breathed a sigh of relief for Terry, many still worry about where his future storyline may be heading, suspecting a tragic ending is to come.  

Line of Duty boss, Jed Mercurio, tweeted: “The brilliant ⁦@tommyjessop performs part of the action sequence from Episode 3 in the water tank at Titanic Studios.

“Everyone on #LineofDuty6 loved working with you. You can be immensely proud of your achievements.”

Many fans were also quick to praise Tommy Jessop saying: “What fabulous acting Tommy. You are very talented.”

Another said: “If Tommy does not get some awards recognition for this season, there's something wrong, that interrogation scene was harrowing and it elicited a response from me, that I will not say on here, that was acting of the highest calibre.”

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However, could Jed’s tweet actually read as a tribute to Tommy? 

Fans are starting to conspire about Terry’s fate, as one viewer predicted: “Oh man @tommyjessop is bloody outstanding! I have a bad feeling he's not going to survive this season though and there will be so many tears across the nation if this is the case.”

Or is Jed hinting that Terry will be the next big target? One fan questioned: “Hope to see lots of him though as he’s safe? Or is he?”

The thrilling episode concluded with Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells arrest and questioning by AC-12, after missing files from Operation Lighthouse were supposedly found in his car.

Is Buckells really crooked, or is he just the latest copper to take the fall?

What’s more, will Terry Boyles make it to the end of series six? Only time will tell… 

Line of Duty continues on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One and then on iPlayer

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