Law and Order fans ‘fume’ as new NBC crime drama missing from time slot ‘final straw’

Fans took to social media with confusion after NBC’s long-running procedural drama Law and Order was missing from its normal time slot. The franchise’s hit spin-off’s Law and Order SVU and Law and Order OC were also on hiatus, resulting in its usual Thursday slot being replaced.

Law and Order SVU: NBC release trailer for episode nine

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After four weeks of consistent episodes, Law and Order SVU went on its first hiatus since its last one in February.

This was the same for the franchise’s other shows which would normally fill up NBC’s Thursday evenings with its back to back Law and Order schedule.

Although SVU’s Captain Olivia Benson (played by Mariska Hargitay) successfully took down another sex offender, fans will have to wait to see her and the team back in action.

While the next episode has confirmed the as-yet-untitled, episode 17 will air on Thursday, April 7.

After the realisation the entire Law and Order franchise was taken off air, viewers took to social media to share their frustration.

@AnnaFS1007 commented: “I don’t know what I will do with #OneChicago and [Law and Order] going on a break for the next two weeks, guess I’ll read a book or something, but I’m not gonna like it.”

@SharonHBSFan added: “I can’t believe we have to wait till April to see more [Law and Order] for a Thursdays and Cragen is coming back.”

@ChrisRoque 1992 asked: “Ohhh! I can’t wait for the next episode of Law and Order SVU! April 7…. why?!”

@Neilaisamom wrote: “I have to wait till April for more Law and Order? What’s wrong with y’all?”

As @RUNAWAYBUCKLEY threatened to switch off for good: ”Having to wait till April 7th for law and order night was the final straw.”

A confused @LeeJohn_BNS questioned: “Why is the [Law And Order] universe off today?”

Although showrunners have yet to release a reason why the shows were delayed, fans can rest assured, its comeback will be thrilling.

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Unfortunately for fans, there was still no sign of the highly anticipated crossover between SVU and its recent addition, Organized Crime.

Viewers have long expressed their desire to see Benson and Elliot Staber (Christopher Meloni) become an item after years of flirtation.

The two first joined the spin-off back in 1999 where they worked together until Staber decided to hand in his badge.

As a result, Benson was promoted to Captain and has since been successfully leading the team.

However in 2021, Meloni made his huge return to the franchise with his own spin-off, Law and Order: Organised Crime.

This further fuelled rumours of the two finally starting a romantic relationship, which Hargitay recently confirmed.

During an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress shared the exciting development: “We’re trying to figure out what to do. He’s free, and I think he’s got eyes for me.

She added: “The energy is there, Olivia’s been in love with him for many a year. And I think we are slowly finding our way back to it.”

Law and Order returns Thursday, April 7 on NBC. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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