Law and Order exit: Is Dylan McDermott leaving as Richard Wheatley?

'Law And Order: Organized Crime' trailer for next episode

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Fans of Law & Order: Organized Crime have been watching shady businessman Richard Wheatley (played by Dylan McDermott) evade justice for some time. The character was introduced last year after his dealings were investigated by the police. Richard was also a suspect in the death of Elliot Stabler’s (Christopher Meloni) wife Kathy (Isabel Gillies). However, Richard’s storyline recently took a dramatic turn for the worst with fans wondering what this means for the character going forward.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Law & Order: Organized Crime

Is Dylan McDermott leaving Law and Order as Richard Wheatley?

The last viewers saw of Richard, both he and his ex-wife Angela (Tamara Taylor) were seen plunging off the edge of a cliff in a car.

Angela sent the vehicle veering off the road after Stabler revealed her former husband had murdered their son Richie (Nick Creegan).

Although Angela’s body was recovered, Richard’s corpse wasn’t found, leading many to suspect he had simply fallen out of the car during the fall.

However, Stabler seemed more uncertain about whether Richard had made it out in time and somehow escaped.

For now, it appears the writers have left his death ambiguous with the lack of body but it seems highly unlikely he could be alive.

Taking to Twitter, actor McDermott teased in 174,000 Twitter followers about the shocking episode on March 4 before it premiered.

He posted on the social media site: “You are not ready for tonight! #PlotTwist @lawandordertv.”

McDermott also retweeted a post from the Law & Order producers Wolf Entertainment featuring a GIF of his character raising a glass at Stabler.

Along with the GIF, the account had written: “To the Wheatleys! Cheers to you @TamaraTaylor and @DylanMcDermott!

“Thank you for bringing your incredible talents to #OrganizedCrime!”

Again, this suggests McDermott isn’t going to be on the programme in the near future.

McDermott is also slated to be starring as an agent in FBI: Most Wanted going forward, according to Carter Matt and so appears to have other commitments away from Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Law & Order usually is made up of arcs and it seems the Richard Wheatley storyline has now run its course and the show is going to be moving on to a new case.

Nonetheless, it seems Stabler is haunted by this case and it could be a while before he can really move on.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight recently, lead star Meloni hailed co-star McDermott, saying: “Look, I’ll miss every aspect of him.”

He added the outlet: “He was good in front of the camera. He was great when it was off.”

Richard was a memorable character after he was suspected of being a mob boss hiding his true intentions behind an online pharmaceutical company.

As time went on, his true nature was revealed when he caused a blackout across New York City and essentially held the people to ransom when he took control of the power grid.

He also helped a cyber hacker to escape as well as starting a hostage siege at a train station.

From the looks of it, for now the show will be re-focusing on a drug kingpin with hopes the force can take him and his empire down.

Law & Order: Organized Crime airs on NBC on Thursdays in America

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