Laura Whitmore says Gogglebox was ‘uncomfortable’ after film with gruesome scene

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Love Island babe Laura Whitmore has said she had an 'uncomfortable experience after being made to watch a film with gruesome scenes on Gogglebox.

The presenter who will host the ITV hit Love Island when it returns this summer, wrote about the event in her new book, No One Can Change Your Life Except For You.

She opens up about her time on one of her favourite programmes, Gogglebox, and when she was forced to watch 127 Hours.

The movie, which focuses on Aron Ralston's life-changing accident that happened when he was mountain climbing. Whilst on a hiking trip in Utah he gets trapped in a canyon and soon takes desperate measures to survive, and has to endure 127 hours before he is rescued.

Laura, 35, writes: "I recently filmed that television show Gogglebox, where people watch you watching TV. As mundane as it sounds on paper, it’s one of my favourite programmes and people’s reactions to what they see is bloody entertaining.

"The producers decide what you watch and after almost 10 years of avoiding a film about a real man who chops his own arm off, I was forced to watch it.

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"You can guess it’s pretty uncomfortable viewing and my reactions now immortalised in a TV show, prove this.

"Had Aron decided that there was nothing he could do he would have died there in Blue John Canyon without a doubt.

"There were things he has no control over. But Aron looked at what he could do instead and he saved himself.

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"Albeit fairly gruesomely. Most of the situations you and I find ourselves in as not as dire thankfully. But we come to get ourselves out. Usually, without cutting off a limb, praise be."

Laura is currently expecting her first child with husband and Love Island narrator Iain Stirling.

The pair secretly wed in a ceremony in Ireland before announcing their arrival with a sweet snap on Instagram.

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Whilst Laura hasn't confirmed the arrival date of the tot, her latest photos have indicated she doesn't have long to go, as she has been showing off her growing bump in stunning displays.

She has been sharing a candid look into pregnancy, sharing both glamorous throwback snaps and the reality of what she has been doing in lockdown, including pregnancy, stretches ahead of the birth, as well as Iain sweetly singing to her bump.

Love Island returns this summer on ITV.

No One Can Change Your Life Except For You is out now.

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