Laura Tobin leaves GMB in chaos as intruders derail forecast: ‘I’ve never been so scared!’

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Laura, 38, was on hand to present the weather from Stroud for the last Good Morning Britain instalment of the week. The forecaster took herself off to a hillside, overlooking beautiful countryside scenery as the sun rose on what could be one of the hottest UK days on record. However, what she and her ITV co-stars Ranvir Singh, 42, and Adil Ray, 46, didn’t expect was a herd of cows to interrupt the report.

The studio presenters handed the reins over to Laura but as they did, she was nowhere to be seen, instead, the camera was firmly focussed on the intruders.

“What’s happening?” the meteorologist could be heard saying to her cameraman, to which Ranvir asked: “Laura, how far away are you parked?

“Can you make a run for it if you need to?” the host continued before the weather reporter replied: “We can’t – we’re parked right through that part.”

“There’s quite a lot of them,” she added, to which Adil remarked: “There’s quite a lot of them,” with the camera panning to show the entire herd right next to the crew.

“They’re planning something, they’re boxing you in. This will be interesting,” the Ackley Bridge star joked.

“Did we fill out a health and safety form before you went up there, Laura?” Ranvir asked in a jokey tone.

“We’re trying to keep our social distancing but we’re also trying to huddle together – it’s like a herd mentality,” Laura replied.

“Well, good luck this morning Laura that’s all we can say – we’ve loved working with you,” the political reporter quipped.

Adil offered some further reassurance, telling the forecaster: “I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine. Look after yourselves and we’ll be back with you soon. “


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