Kim Kardashian snubbed by ex assistant as she reveals which sister she would want to be stuck with on a deserted island | The Sun

KIM Kardashian has been snubbed by her ex-assistant and friend Steph Shepherd in a recent shady podcast interview.

The SKKN mogul fired her longtime friend back in 2017.

Steph appeared on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, where she chatted about a variety of things including her relationship with the Kardashian family.

While she had kind words for Kim, 41, and the rest of the family, she appeared to throw a little bit of shade in response to one question in particular.

Asked which member of the Kardashian family she'd most like to be stuck on a deserted island with, Steph responded: "Oh, I would bring Khloe. One hundred and ten percent. I trust Khloe with my life."

She added: "Like, she – I feel so safe with her. She's just, like, the most – she's the bada**. Obvious choice."

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While she didn't pick Kim to be stranded on an imaginary island with, it appears there's no bad blood between them.

On the same show, Steph gushed about Kim's generosity, revealing the kind birthday gift she received from the star last year – a $25K Hermes bag.

"I could only dream to have something that nice. Like, I could not afford that… It's so generous and beyond measure," she said.

"Like, I didn't grow up with that stuff. I grew up in Ohio. I didn't even know – when I moved to LA, I'd never seen a Range Rover. I didn't know what a brand name was… I had no f***ing clue about anything and to have a gift that was that extravagant was beyond anything like my wildest dreams." 

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She went on to say that it's not just birthdays when Kim's generosity shines either.

Steph revealed: "And Kim is just a really generous friend in general. She was just really there for me with everything and she was the first person to come pick me up and she, you know, took me to a spa just her and I and had the whole spa just to us and she checks on me.

"Because she understands the gravitas of losing a lifeline so, I think that also was like, really she knew how hard that birthday was gonna be for me."


Kim herself recently clued fans in on her relationship with Steph online.

Just days ago, as Stephanie turned 33, Kim shared a series of throwback photos of the two on her Instagram stories. 

In one, the Kardashians star puckered up while lying in bed with Stephanie and fellow bestie Tracy Romulus.

Kim was all-natural, letting her long, then-black hair fall past her shoulders.

The SKIMS founder was dressed only in a white bra.

A follow-up photo seemed to reveal the moments after some sort of blooper, as all three ladies can be seen laughing, with Kim covering her face. 

The 41-year-old also posted a photo of her and Stephanie hanging out in a sandy retreat, again minus the makeup.

Kim added the sweet sentiment: "Happy birthday, (Stephanie). Your hair; your skin; your heart; your loyalty; your desire to make the world better!!! Not in that order….well, maybe, lol.

"You are one of one! I love you so much!

"We have the best memories and we're just getting started!"


Then, the SKIMS founder took to Instagram last week to share a photo of herself and her ex-employee and gal pal on her Stories.

In the photo, the pair appeared to be seated in a golf cart. 

Both the Kardashians star and her friend were dressed in all-black swimsuits.

The SKKN mogul, however, had on a long sleeve top while Steph wore a more revealing style.

Fans were more focused on Kim's figure than who she was with, however.

While Kim looked thin in the snap, there's no denying that she was more curvaceous than she is these days. 

Her ribs were visible and it was clear just how thin she's gotten as of late. 

Fans have been focused on the reality star's weight since she revealed the concerning diet that she attempted to get thin and fit in Marilyn Monroe's dress. 

She has gotten thinner since then and has been showing off her body online, inviting critiques.

It certainly seems like the two have put any problems or issues behind them. 

Stephanie started out as Kim's personal assistant before the pair parted ways in 2017.

Stephanie's resume with Kim, 41, dates back to 2013 when she was hired by the model to be her personal assistant – eventually transitioning to Chief Operating Officer of all Kardashian West brands.

But Kim later let her go after Stephanie confessed to Kourtney that she was feeling "unfulfilled career-wise."

Their beef played out on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians where Kim admitted that it was strange that her sister had gotten so close with her former employee.

"I do think it's like inappropriate for her to talk to you and not to me," she told Kourtney, 42, after learning about Stephanie's feelings towards her job.

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