Katie Price posts adorable photo of Harvey, 18, modelling 7XL T-shirt after revealing he weighs 29 stone

KATIE Price posted an adorable photo of her 18-year-old son Harvey modelling a 7XL T-shirt after revealing that he weighs 29 stone.

The teen has his own anti-trolling collection with the brand, and his famous mum couldn't be prouder.

In the photo Harvey is smiling as he poses in a train station, with a zip-up hoodie over his top.

Although some of the message is obscured, the word 'Trolling' is written in big letters across his chest – with "online trolls should be prosecuted" underneath and the hashtag Harvey's Law.

Katie captioned the pic: "My gorgeous boy @officialmrharveyprice wearing the trendy clothes from @bigclothing4u_ and Harvey’s T-shirt’s for online trolling ❤️".

The former glamour model has been campaigning for Harvey's Law for years, and in July of this year she begged MPs to change current rules to tackle trolls, as she warned of the "disgusting" online abuse Harvey gets.

She called for the "virtual bullying" to be stamped out with a new law which would see social media users have to hand over details to end anonymous abuse.

Abusers should be "named and shamed" on a register where employers can check for improper behaviour online.

She said: "We need to decide, it’s got to become a law. If it doesn’t, I will keep fighting.

"How far does someone have to go before consequences are done?"

Speaking of the Harvey's Law she wants in every country, she added: "In 25 years this will be the best thing I do, because it will help people."

Harvey, who suffers from multiple disabilities, is often confronted with sickening abuse on social media and has also urged people to stop.

Three years ago desperate Katie launched an online petition to make online bullying a criminal offence.

Following this she appeared before MPs in 2018, and shared horrific abuse she and Harvey had suffered at the hands of online trolls.

Harvey was born with Prader-Willi Syndrome, which has an impact on his weight, and earlier this month Katie told The Sun that she has been forced to padlock the family fridge to stop Harvey bingeing in the night and also has to lock the kitchen cupboards.

The teen is said to get angry when he is denied food, with Katie explaining: "It’s a cruel and horrible illness where he feels hungry all the time — and if he doesn’t get food he gets angry. It’s hard work.

"It's not what he eats in the day, it’s what he eats when I don’t see him. I’ve tried hiding food but he’ll find it.

"He even eats in his sleep. He'll walk downstairs and eat whatever he can find. We've even found him rummaging through friends' bags for food."

Katie explained her agony over son Harvey after his weight soared to nearly 29st.

Disabled Harvey has a condition which makes him crave food and doctors have warned he is at serious risk of a heart attack if he does not lose weight urgently.

Mum-of-five Kate said: "He'll need to lose weight or he'll end up dead. I don’t want to lose him."

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