Kate Garraway ‘locked bathroom door and howled her eyes out’ over Derek heartbreak

Kate Garraway: Derek has told me he loves me

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Kate Garraway has opened up on the traumatic year her family has had in her new book The Power of Hope after her husband Derek Draper was admitted into hospital with COVID-19. Derek has recently returned home after spending over a year in hospital but the Good Morning Britain presenter revealed to Iain Dale on LBC there were several moments were she broke down. 

The LBC presenter quizzed Kate on those emotional moments after the GMB host shared advice to radio listener Shelagh, who had tragically lost her son. 

Kate told the listener how important it was to open up to someone and allow yourself to cry. 

Iain said: “There’s nothing wrong with a few tears and there must have been moments when you literally had to howl you eyes out?”

“Yes,” Kate replied. “I locked the bathroom door and howled my eyes out and there’s moments were you think, ‘Why me?’

“But there’s also moments where you think, ‘Why not me?’ And also, ‘Why has Derek survived when others haven’t survived?’

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“It’s a tough world and actually every day nothing to do with Covid people are facing challenging things and actually if you reach out there is love there.”

Iain remarked: “You made a decision to go back to work, that must have been quite a difficult thing to do and you must have also been a little bit worried about what the public reaction to you doing that might be?”

“Well it was sort of around the end of June beginning of July when the doctors said it wasn’t just would he live or would he die but there was this third challenge that he might never wake up,” Kate answered. 

“When I was given the sense of not just living minute by minute but this might go on for weeks, months, years.”

“I looked at the children and thought, ‘Billy’s about to start secondary school and Darcey’s about to start her GCSEs, we can’t stay in this suspended animation forever, we’ve got to try and build a new normal,’” the GMB host said. 

“Part of that for me was going back to work, I was functionally a single mum. Derek’s business was his business, he wasn’t earning any money because he couldn’t and so just on a practical level I had to move forward.

“More emotionally as well try and find something that wasn’t just crisis for us all to see a way through. I felt because the world was in crisis people would understand that.”

Kate went on to reveal how the doctors made the decision to allow Derek to come home. 

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She continued: “His communication seemed to be improving and he seemed to rousing and just as we went into the lockdown we’re now emerging from he seemed to shut down in a strange way.

“All the way through this there’s been lots of ‘I don’t knows’ because there is no data on somebody that’s suffered Covid this way so therefore in a weird way Derek is a test case which I think he quite likes. 

“Already things they’ve done with him they’re using in pathways for others who have sadly contracted the disease since.”

Kate recalled how tough it was not being able to visit her husband in the hospital. 

“In the end it was a hold your nose and jump situation really,” she explained. 

“If he wasn’t going to change quickly then perhaps the best hope for rousing him more cognitively was to bring him home.

“And then of course you have the logistics of what that means, 24 hour care in the home. 

“But the moment he came through the door was one of incredibly elation really, he was crying so he was showing that emotion.”

Iain Dale presents on LBC on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday from 7pm.

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