Kate Garraway fights back tears as she reveals 'challenging' day being separated from Derek on his 53rd birthday

KATE Garraway fought back tears as she revealed how "challenging" it was being apart from Derek as he turned 53 on Saturday.

The Good Morning Britain presenter apologised to viewers and promised to "cheer up" as she explained how she was coping while Derek remains with limited consciousness.

"It was obviously a challenging one under the circumstances," said Kate, 53, this morning.

"We managed to FaceTime him and sing Happy Birthday.

"We had a cake which we ate over FaceTime. It was very challenging for the kids, but they are doing it brilliantly.

"We managed to do it with Derek's family and technically hook up and sing Happy Birthday. We just hope the love seeps through."

Kate swapped shifts with her co-star Charlotte Hawkins yesterday after a tough weekend.

She went on to reveal their co-star Laura Tobin had bought her a rosebush named "the rose of hope".

"It's really sweet," said Kate.

"It actually came to flower on Derek's birthday.

Kate explained how her oldest daughter Darcey turned to gardening to keepbusy when Derek first fell ill with coronavirus in March.

She added: "It's quite poignant actually.

"We planted loads of plants when Derek was first ill.

"They've come and gone and we're picking tomatoes that we grew from the seed.

"It's amazing how nature helps you mark the passage of time, which is therapeutic in a way.

"We'd say 'we'll plant these and when dad's better next year he can see them come up'.

"We've been trying to keep things moving forward which helps…."

Looking overwhelmed with emotion, Kate turned to the camera and said: "Sorry, I don't know why I've gone all…. I've gone all sort of, you know…

"We'll cheer up in a minute. I just wanted to explain because a lot of people were in touch asking why I hadn't been in work.

"It's nice that people care, thank you."

Derek has been in a coma since his coronavirus battle first began in March.

He is still unable to speak, with doctors warning he may stay in his current condition – but there are signs that he can hear.

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