Julianne Hough Says the Past Week Has Had 'Super Intense Highs' and 'Intense Lows'

According to the source, “when things were rough around Christmas time, Brooks refused to give up on their marriage.”

“He didn’t even want to think about a divorce. He instead decided to figure out what needed to change, so they could both be happy,” the source said. “Their marriage isn’t perfect and they are very open about this. But it seems both really want it to work.”

Hough briefly addressed her relationship with Laich in a FaceTime interview with Extra on March 20 after being asked about predictions that a baby boom will occur amid the outbreak.

“I knew you had to ask … I think the best part about this … this is gonna be a time for a lot of healing, whether it’s personally, in relationships and friendships and families,” she said. “The universe was just like, ‘Let’s put people at home and figure their s— out.’ … And I’m not just saying Brooks and I, I’m saying life in general and this is the time to do that.”

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