Jonathan Ross snaps ‘don’t rub it in’ in spat with Vernon Kay

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Jonathan Ross snapped at Vernon Kay during Saturday night’s Game of Talents, when he warned him not to "rub in" his poor performance on the ITV series following an earlier snub over how he "fares" as a judge on The Masked Singer.

It all began when former T4 presenter Vernon, 47, was introducing his contestants for the evening – Jonathan and his non-celebrity partner Umera, and Katherine Ryan and her teammate Megan.

Wondering how the chat-show host would perform on the game show, Vernon teased: "So you’re on the masked singer and we’ve seen how you fare on there…"

Doing his best to be mock-offended, Jonathan exclaimed: "What do you mean 'we’ve seen how you fare on there'?

"That sounds like a dig," he declared, as Vernon refused to take the bait.

"It does sound like a dig – are you saying I’m not very good?" Jonathan continued to goad, but Vernon simply laughed.

The cheeky chat-show host loves winding people up, so it was likely all in jest, but the pair’s spat continued when Vernon – simply doing his job to explain the state of the game – pointed out how badly Jonathan was doing.

Up against his comedy-extraordinaire opponent Katherine, Jonathan’s cash fund was abysmal in comparison.

"Katherine and Megan have got £17,000," Vernon said.

"You’re £10,000 behind, you’ve only got £7,000."

Seemingly tetchy from the earlier comments, Jonathan snapped dramatically: "Don’t rub it in Vernon, we’re trying to have a nice night out here."

"Alright alright," Vernon giggled, loving their verbal sparring.

Jonathan later said in response to Vernon talking about his state of affairs: "Once again don’t rub it in, thank you!"

But it was all pointless, as Jonathan and Umera were sadly knocked out of the game with their counterparts racing ahead.

Katherine and Megan managed to rack up a whopping £38,000 as they made it to the game.

Game of Talents continues Saturdays at 8.30pm on ITV.

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