John Lewis Christmas advert accused of stealing ideas from Disney’s Frozen

Christmas is right around the corner and the John Lewis Christmas advert 2019 has finally been unveiled.

At the centre of this year's campaign is Excitable Edgar, the fire-breathing dragon who threatens to spoil Christmas for his fellow villagers owing to the uncontrollable flames that burst from his nose whenever he gets too happy.

Edgar sets fire to a snowman, an ice rink and a Christmas tree before giving up and hiding himself away.

Thanks to the heartwarming twist at the end, viewers have flocked to social media to heap praise on the adorable ad.

While some others couldn't shake the feeling the whole thing looked slightly familiar.

Many took to Twitter to claim the theme appeared very much like the plot from Disney's Frozen – but with one big difference.

"Here is the John Lewis Christmas advert! I love it but it’s basically a fire version of Disney’s Frozen?" said one.

"Loveee the #JohnLewisChristmas ad but it’s kind of like the opposite of Frozen?" compared another.

A third mused: "Kinda has a weird GoT [Game of Thrones] meets Frozen vibe??? Wasn't keen at first but the end is v sweet, Edgar's a lil cutie."

A fourth quipped: "Is it just me or does the John Lewis advert remind you of frozen where Elsa freezes everything ? Such a cute advert tho."

In Disney's 2013 movie Frozen the lead character Princess Elsa is cursed with icy powers that cause her to freeze her entire kingdom when she loses her temperature.

After banishing herself, Anna, Elsa learns to finally channel her emotions into something positive and returns to creates a stunning ice rink and palace for her people.

While John Lewis' adorable creature Edgar uses his fire-breathing for good as he lights up at Christmas pudding just in time for dinner.

This year's ad was made in partnership with agency adam&eveDDB, which was behind the first John Lewis tear-jerker, the story of the little boy who couldn't wait for Christmas in 2011.

Richard Brim, the London agency's chief creative officer, said experts whittled around 400 scripts down to a shortlist of 30 before choosing Edgar as this year's star turn.

Explaining the decision, Brim said: "There was something we really liked about him. Edgar loves Christmas – like just loves Christmas. Every time he sees something Christmasy, he can't control his fire.

"But obviously this can be quite detrimental to the Christmas period."

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