John Duggar & wife Abbie take family vacation to airshow in Wisconsin after she obtains pilot’s license

JOHN Duggar and his wife Abbie took their family on vacation to an airshow in Wisconsin.

The family trip comes after Abbie obtained her pilot’s license.

On Saturday, John and Abbie took to their joint Instagram account to share five photos from the trip.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2018, share one-year-old daughter Grace.

The first photo showed Abbie, 29, holding Grace as they smiled alongside John, 31.

A second snap showed the couple cuddling up for a selfie, while a third caught John donning a huge grin as he carried Grace on his shoulders.

The fourth photo showed off a smiley face in the sky drawn by a plane, while the post concluded with a snap of Grace wearing a pink dress and matching noise-blocking headphones as a plane was parked behind her.

The couple captioned the post: "Oshkosh 2021 ✈️🤩🚁 #oshkosh."


The family trip comes after Abbie defied patriarch Jim Bob’s strict rules by becoming the first woman in the family to earn her pilot license.

Back in June, The Sun exclusively revealed the Counting On star earned her student pilot certificate on August 20, 2020. 

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, she is “prohibited" from carrying passengers. 

Abbie is the first woman in Jim Bob and Michelle's family to obtain a pilot certificate, as her husband John David, and brothers-in-law Jeremiah, Josiah and Austin Forsyth all have their license. 

The Duggar women are mainly stay-at-home mothers, though Abbie has defied the norm by working as a registered nurse. 

John’s wife isn’t the only Duggar woman to earn her pilot license, as Jed’s wife Katey Nakatsu obtained her private pilot certificate on April 13, 2020.

The Sun confirmed Katey, 22, earned her license one year before marrying Jed, 22. 

Katey, who married Jed on April 3, is able to fly a single engine land airplane. 


Flying is an important part on Abbie and John’s relationship. as he also flies and proposed to Abbie surrounded by planes. 

The couple took wedding photos at an airport, while the two often fly together to celebrate holidays and milestones.

They even announced their pregnancy with daughter Grace while on a plane as they held a baby onesie that read: “Baby passenger on board.”

Abbie and John enjoy attending airshows and the mother of one celebrated her birthday in April at the SUN 'n FUN airshow in Florida.  

Despite Abbie's accomplishment in earning her pilot license, the TV personality has publicly shared the news with fans on social media.

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