Joe Lycett still hasn’t changed name back from Hugo Boss and we stan

Joe Lycett revealed he still hasn’t changed his name back, after his drama with Hugo Boss earlier this year.

The comedian decided to legally switch his name to Hugo Boss by deed poll, after it was claimed that the massive brand had targeted a small brewery who shared the Boss name.

And the 31-year-old has decided to keep the moniker a few weeks on.

Appearing on The One Show via video-link – with a full pint – Alex Jones introduced him as Joe Lycett, and he was having absolutely none of it.

‘Can I just clarify, my name isn’t Joe Lycett anymore, it’s Hugo Boss,’ he replied as the host rushed to apologise.

‘I’m not sure your viewers know quite what’s going on. 

‘Hugo Boss the company have been sending a lot of legal letters to small companies and charities, saying they should stop using the name Boss in their names. 

‘So, to annoy them, I changed my name to Hugo Boss by deed poll. And it has really annoyed them.’

Not only did the move ‘annoy’ Hugo Boss, but it has also earned Joe – or Hugo – some serious cash.

In fact, a PR expert has suggested he stands to make ‘at least £1.5million’ due to the work this could generate.

‘Changing his name to Hugo Boss will most likely boost his career, and it has already boosted his profile as many panel and comedy shows will want to hone in on this topic,’ Hayley Smith of Boxed Our PR told

‘The issue is that this may only be temporary and doesn’t really have the legs to carry him very far. How many times can he do this before it becomes samey and boring?  

‘However, we have already seen Hugo Boss’ (the brand’s) response and it has been positive. So in terms of PR and awareness, Joe (Hugo) has done a really good thing. And he could really cash in on this by calling out other companies and brands. He could change his comedy direction to comedic activism.’

‘The PR he has already gained from this is invaluable, and he is already a regular on several panel shows as well as a presenter for his own shows,’ she added. 

‘He will be in popular demand with shows falling over themselves to book him, so he will be in a fantastic position to negotiate. 

‘I also wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix approached him for his own show.’ 

We love to see it.

The One Show airs on weekdays, at 7pm, on BBC One.

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