Jimmy Carr forks out huge £18k prize to Channel 4 player after huge blunder

Jimmy Carr has handed a Channel 4 game show contestant a cheque for £18,000 after a blunder left the player empty-handed.

The comedian presented Sainsbury's worker Eddy, from Glasgow, with the money on stage at one of his comedy shows after he took part in Carr's quiz show I Literally Just Told You.

During the show Eddy was asked to recall how old the pop star Ariana Grande is.

Contestants are meant to be told the answers to questions throughout the show and need to rely on their memory to come up with the correct answer at the right time.

However, Grande's age, which is 28, was never actually mentioned during I Literally Just Told You.

In order to rectify the mistake, Channel 4 invited Eddy to one of Carr's gigs at the O2, where he was invited on to the stage by the comedian.

Carr told him: "I've got something to tell you. I've got something to confess. You lost the money on a question – it was Ariana Grande's age.

"We talked about her age, but we never gave you the specific age.

"So we messed up and when you mess up in life, you've got to own your mistakes. That's a cheque for £18,000."

Eddy was in disbelief and screamed "Oh my God" as he was handed the cheque by Carr.

"Eddy, I've got a question for you… You've just won £18,000, but how do you know that?" continued Carr.

"Because Jimmy, you literally just told me so," replied Eddy.

The next episode of I Literally Just Told You airs at 10pm on Wednesday January 12 on Channel 4.

This comes after Nick Knowles has slammed Jimmy Carr’s new late-night quiz show and the charity edition of BBC's The Weakest Link as he accused the shows of “pitting charities against one another.”

The DIY SOS star was unimpressed after watching Thursday night’s instalment of the Channel 4 show I Literally Just Told You comedy special which switched out the usual format in order to raise money for charity during the festive season.

Joining the stand-up comic was talk show host Lorraine Kelly, comedians Aisling Bea, Alex Horne and Asim Chaudhry who were battling it out to win the show and take home a bucket load of cash for their chosen charities.

After the show, the 59-year-old tweeted: “So Jimmy Carr’s ‘I literally just told you’ plays off charities against each other to go home with nothing so 3 important charities took part tonight but received no cash at all.

“Only one got money I'm not sure I like playing charities off against each other for entertainment. “

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