Jill Duggar Just Had the Most Predictable Birthday Celebration Ever

Whether you’ve just recently tuned into the Duggar family via Counting On or you’ve been watching them from the beginning on 19 Kids and Counting, there’s no doubt their way of life is different than most of their viewers’. From courtship rituals to dress codes, the Duggars love traditions. And they even have certain foods they love to eat on their birthdays.

Recently, Jill Duggar turned 28, and it looked like she had an amazing celebration amongst family and friends. She also just proved she’s not going against the grain with the way she’s celebrating, either. Here’s why her birthday isn’t unique in the slightest.

Jill Duggar posted plenty of photos of her birthday celebration to Instagram

Jill Duggar has a ton of fans, but if you’re a Counting On viewer, don’t expect the older Duggar to come back to the show any time soon. Jill was removed from the program along with her controversial husband, Derick Dillard, after Derick expressed some transphobic and homophobic views on Twitter. Now, Jill does her best to update her fans on the daily ins and outs of her life with her family blog and Instagram.

Thanks to Jill’s diligence in sharing her life, we got plenty of photos of her recent 28th birthday celebration. Fans saw she went hiking with Derick and had a picnic lunch for a special one-on-one date. Not only that, but she also squashed all rumors of a Duggar feud by posting photos with mom Michelle and many of her other family members all hanging out with her for the day.

The Duggars traditionally eat at Marketplace Grill for their birthdays

Jill Duggar’s never been a rule-breaker, so it makes perfect sense that she’s keeping Duggar tradition alive with the way she’s celebrating. In this series of photos posted to Instagram, we see Jill eating at Marketplace Grill, the Duggar family’s favorite restaurant. The Duggar Family Fan Blog explains Marketplace Grill has several locations across Arkansas, and it’s often referenced by all the Duggars at some point or another, as it’s where they all go for their birthday meal.

Not only do the Duggars celebrate their birthdays at this restaurant, but it seems all major news is best talked over at Marketplace Grill as well. The blog notes Jessa and Ben Seewald ate their on their first date, and we’ve since seen double dates, Valentine’s Day celebrations, and pre-engagement hurrahs also go down at the Grill.

Jill kept the tradition alive by eating a Chocolate Mess

Going to the Marketplace Grill to celebrate a Duggar birthday is one thing — but Jill really kept the tradition going by ordering the infamous Chocolate Mess. As the Duggar family noted on this birthday photo of Justin way back in 2017, “It’s a Duggar birthday tradition!” In the photoset with all the Duggars celebrating Jill’s birthday, Jill can be seen with a Chocolate Mess in front of her as she’s sitting next to Michelle.

For those not from Arkansas, it seems the Chocolate Mess is a state specialty. Only In Arkansas explains it’s a chocolate sundae that has the glass dipped in a hardening chocolate shell before it’s filled with ice cream. That’s exactly why it looks like the dessert is basically glued to the table.

So, are the Duggars forced to eat at Marketplace Grill and order the Chocolate Mess as some sort of strange family obligation? The Duggar Family Fan Blog notes that’s not the case at all. Instead, the family can choose wherever they’d like to go to eat — but they all just tend to choose the same place. And it seems the older Duggar kids who have children of their own are also keeping the custom alive. Jessa posted this video of her son, Spurgeon, getting his first taste of a Chocolate Mess to Instagram for his birthday.

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