Jeremy Vine forced to intervene as furious lockdown row erupts among panellists

Jeremy Vine panellists clash over calls for national lockdown

The Channel 5 programme had Dr Sarah Jarvis, Carole Malone and Vernon Kay discussed the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis in Britain and how the NHS is coping with the added pressure of winter. Jeremy Vine was forced to interrupt the debate in order to clarify for viewers what the panel was arguing about after a row erupted among them.

Dr Jarvis said: “The hospitals are overwhelmed.

“They have had to stop treating, not because of lockdown but because there are no beds available.”

Ms Marole replied: “Every winter at this time we have the same story, hospitals are overwhelmed, there are not enough beds, people are dying.

“This happens every single year, it is a Christmas story.

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“So it is very disingenuous to pretend this is all because of Covid.

“The amount of people that have died who are under 60 with no underlying health conditions is 388.

“That is a figure from the NHS itself, the rest are people that have underlying health conditions and the elderly.”

Vernon Kay added: “On underlying health conditions, would those people have died if they had no caught COVID-19? That is the issue.

Matt Hancock slammed by NHS nurse for being 'overworked'

“We have to slow down and reduce infection rates, if that means that we go and hide away in our own homes than it has got to be done because those people would not have caught COVID-19.”

Mr Vine interjected: “Just to explain for people watching, the key disagreement here is whether you lockdown everybody or whether you just say that those people who are vulnerable should hideaway.”

The row came amidst growing calls for more support for the NHS as the pandemic increasingly worsens.

On Monday morning, Health Secretary Matt Hancock was denounced by an NHS nurse over the lack of support shown to medical staff during the coronavirus pandemic.


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ICU nurse Dave Carr said: “How can he seriously look any health workers in the face and tell us he is managing this pandemic properly?

“We are doing this understaffed and underpaid, the insult we got early in the year with no pay rise really hurt us.”

Mr Hancock replied: “The staff across the NHS have done an absolutely brilliant job.

“I am very pleased earlier in the year we were able to give a pay rise to all NHS nurses right across the board.”

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