Jeremy Clarkson horrified as Millionaire player uses up all his lifelines on 'specialist subject'

JEREMY Clarkson was left horrified as a Who Wants to be a Millionaire player used up all his lifelines on his 'specialist subject'.

Mark Blacklock from York is a fiction author so when he got a literature question as he tried to reach £8,000 on Saturday night's show, viewers could be forgiven for thinking he would nail it easily.

The question was: “Which of these famous fictional locations from fantasy novels was created first?"

The options were A) Hogwarts B) Discworld C) Hobbiton and D) Narnia.

Unfortunately for Mark, it was a part of literature he didn't know much about, and so he started to make his way through his lifelines.

Admitting he had "professional anxiety", Mark started with his 50:50, which left Hobbiton and Narnia.

Mark then decided to phone his first friend, but they were unable to help, so he had to call a second friend to see if they fared any better.

However, they too couldn't give him the definitive answer he needed, so he was forced to use his final lifeline, ask the host.

But in keeping with Mark's luck so far, Jeremy, 61, admitted he too wasn't sure, and that it would be a guess if he did give him an answer.

With all his lifelines gone, Mark had to take a guess and opted for C) Hobbiton, which thankfully ended up being right.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire viewers were stunned by what they saw, with one writing on Twitter: "Using all your lifelines on one question #whowantstobeamillionaire ”.

Another added: "We're burning through the lifelines… #whowantstobeamillionaire ”.

A third tweeted: "This fella writes fiction for a living and has wasted 4 lifelines on this”.

Despite being left with no lifelines, Mark managed to go on and win a respectable £64,000.

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