Jeopardy! champ Ryan Long stunned after competitor’s massive mistake led to his shocking 14th win in WILD final round

Jeopardy! champ Ryan Long was as stunned as fans were after winning his 14th straight game Wednesday.

A WILD final round and a competitor's mistake led to his victory "by a hair" as hundreds buzzed online.

Mayim Bialik, 46, is hosting Jeopardy! for the fourth week in a row, returning after fan-favorite alum Ken Jennings' prior three weeks at the helm.

But tonight, and after a previous 13 wins, the returning champ and Philadelphia-based Uber driver was not cruising ahead.

During Double Jeopardy, Meagan Morrow – a Portland Oregon real estate manager – took the lead.

Going into Final Jeopardy, she held on tight with $16.8K to Ryan's $15.4K as one fan tweeted, "Ryan MAY lose tonight."

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"Oh crap Ryan. #jeopardy," tweeted another as it indeed seemed like the potential end of the road for the beloved broad-shouldered streak-holder with the ninth-longest run on the show ever.

But Final Jeopardy ended in a rare way that left fans – and Ryan – stumped for words.

The category was The Early 19th Century, and was asking for a battle – as exactly that was happening on stage.

Ryan was the second player to reveal his final response and wager choice as he was in second place.

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He incorrectly wrote, "What is: Waterloo," and wagered a huge $8000.

Left with $7400, Mayim remarked, "it all comes down to this."

She turned to Meagan, in the lead – who revealed she also wrote "Waterloo," but hadn't revealed her wager.

The new player bet an even bigger $10,000 – and unfortunately swung a little too hard, Ryan's reign intact as he stood in absolute shock.


"WHAAAAAAAT!!!!! LOL!!!! WOW…….WHAT A GAME!!!!" one fan tweeted after the champ emerged breathless with $260K.

"This man on Jeopardy just won his 14th straight game by a hair," wrote another.

"My parents and I go f**king crazy at the end of jeopardy tonight… this is what being home from college is all about!" wrote a third apparently on summer break.

"Wow! what a game! love rooting for Ryan," wrote a fourth on the relatable rideshare driver.

As a fifth wrote, "What a helluva comeback win!!"

The situation was especially wild since Ryan easily won last night's game with 31 correct answers and 2 incorrect, per Daily box scores.

He stunningly swept three categories last night what was called a "Triple Stumper" by box scores – amid what may have been his most solid outing, tonight's without a doubt however was his most jaw-dropping.

The major June 1st game did have its quirks, as a regular Jeopardy! round involved clues for novels that had simplistic pictures on the screen to guess them.

"These questions are elementary. Picture Novels. That round was an abomination," one fan fumed on Twitter about the strange moment (though the correct verbiage is clues, not questions.)

There also was a "hoe/rake" clue that many fans thought was a reference to a time alum Ken mistakenly switched the terms in a suggestive moment during his own run.

"And of course they wrote a clue poking fun at Ken Jennings and used it during a Mayim episode," one tweeted during what was a "great game," as many posted overall.


Ryan's big personality, even bigger bets, and wonderfully quirky Q&A stories have thrilled fans who may not have expected another streak so soon.

Ryan is now nine games shy of Canadian tutor Mattea Roach's 23-game tear that ended when she lost by $1 just last month.

During his first Q&A three weeks ago, the cool, calm and collected contestant pumped out an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.

Since then, he's shared he grew up watching the storied show with his mom, who thought "Alex Trebek was sooo handsome" and fostered "four baby kittens" and "bottle-fed them" before his mom adopted them – he also has an eight-year-old son who made his bead necklace.

Earlier this week, he shared he was once a bouncer at a bar in Philly and fought off a raccoon.

The rising champ is also extremely online during air time, tweeting last night to clear the air on his foggy glasses, "Aslo, while I'm here, let me settle this once and for all…it's fog. I'm definitely getting a new pair of glasses. So, new shirts. New glasses. On the list."

"Aslo. Oy vey, it's late," the quiet quiz wiz hilariously added.

Ryan told The Philadelphia Inquirer that he was living paycheck-to-paycheck for more than a year before being able to afford flying to Culver City.

He also shared he only packed two dress shirts, because that’s all he could afford. 

“I didn’t study or anything. I probably should have perused something, but I just didn’t,” Ryan said, as preparing flashcards or bringing books is a consistent contestant move. “I just kind of went in and did my thing.”

"I want to take my kid fishing. That’s really where my head is at.”

Mattea, Ryan, and Amy Schneider – all from this stunning season – will compete in the Tournament of Champions in November.

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