Izzy worries about Jake's future after Gary's death in Corrie

Gary Windass (Mikey North) is about to stare death in the face in Coronation Street as Rick Neelan (Greg Wood) introduces him to his own shallow grave. And after Gary’s disappearance, presumed dead, Izzy Armstrong (Cherylee Houston) worries about the future her son Jake without his dad.

Hungry for revenge, Greg arrives on the Street looking for Gary and Sarah (Tina O’Brien). Last seen being arrested after taking Gary hostage and almost killing him, Rick is on the warpath and Gary is about to fall into a trap that could lead to his death.

As Sarah heads off to a hotel for a tryst with Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson), crossed wires make Gary think that Rick has kidnapped her and his fears are compounded when he is told she was seen with a tall, dark haired man.

As Gary rings Rick, demanding to know where Sarah is, Rick takes advantage of the situation and tells Gary if he wants to see Sarah alive again, he should meet him in the woods. But Rick hasn’t got Sarah – he just has a shallow grave prepared for Gary and soon overpowers her.

After Gary vanishes, Sarah plays down her final showdown with Gary to a curious Adam while Izzy worries about what the future will hold for Jake with his dad gone.

Is this the end for Gary?

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