‘It’s a hard graft’ Eamonn Holmes praised by ITV viewers after making career admission

Eamonn Holmes discusses his proudest moments in life

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James Martin wished viewers a Merry Christmas as he welcomed them to the festive special of his ITV show. For the second year running the 49-year-old television chef invited viewers around his home to serve up a fantastic feast of festive food for his guests Eamonn Holmes and McFly’s Danny Jones. As James was cooking up a ham hock for Eamonn, the former This Morning presenter made a candid admission about his career.

The journalist said his parents initially wanted him to work in retail.

James said: “I know how difficult [This Morning] is and how easy you’ve made it. Where did you get that skill from?”

A flattered Eamonn replied: “If you do something you love it’s not like work. It was what I wanted to do as a kid and I simply watched the best and forgot the rest.”

The duo talked about how Eamonn’s parents wanted him to steer clear of journalism and strongly encouraged him to work in the retail sector.

Eamonn followed their advice and said: “I was a training manager in Primark and anybody who works in retail, especially this time of the year, has my respect. 

“It’s a hard graft. What I didn’t realise is that I was just out of school and used to being off at Christmas, so I suddenly realised I didn’t get Christmas off. 

“So I want to say to all retail workers out there because I know people say thanks to people in the emergency services for what they do, but people rarely mention retail workers.”

Eamonn proceeded to get James and the crew to applaud all of the shop workers who are having to continue serving customers over the hectic Christmas period.

The broadcaster’s admission about the difficulties of working in retail didn’t go unnoticed by ITV viewers, who were touched by his words of support. 

Many took to Twitter to praise Eamonn, with Major Charles Christmas commenting: “Eamonn Holmes just started a round of applause for retail staff on James Martin’s show, respect.” 

Kevin added: “@EamonnHolmes on with @jamesmartinchef has totally made my Christmas morning! Love them both but especially my fellow Norn Irish man.” 

Nicola said: “@EamonnHolmes thank you so much for mentioning retail workers on James Martin. I’ve never known a busier Christmas and I’ve been in this game a long time. Merry Christmas.” 

Eamonn directly replied to Nicola saying: “Nicola, my admiration always. Retail is a hard gig especially at this time of year.” 

Sarah Louise added: “Thank you @EamonnHolmes, it’s not often we get thanked as retail workers. It’s a tough time this time of the year rubbish hours [and we’re] straight back to it Boxing Day.” 

James’ two-hour Christmas special aired at midday when viewers at home were preparing their turkeys, Brussel sprouts and roast potatoes. 

The chef greeted Eamonn onto the show and rustled up a delicious ham hock and Hollandaise sauce dish for the broadcaster to enjoy.  

During the rest of the instalment, there was a mouthwatering recipe created by two Michelin starred chefs and James was also joined by award-winning Padstow chef Paul Ainsworth. 

James also served up a seasonal dish with a little help from a British food hero and treated fans to another one of his delicious masterclasses. 

In addition to the flavoursome cooking, there was also a stunning performance from The Kingdom Choir.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning Christmas special can now be watched on ITV Hub. 

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