‘It makes it hard’ A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton explains ‘tough’ aspect of job

Laura Hamilton says she was ‘soaked’ during filming

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Speaking to, Laura, 39, explained what she loves about presenting A Place in the Sun, and the list seemed endless. However, when asked about the hardest aspect of showing people around their potential dream homes in exotic locations, Laura admitted the weather can be a huge disappointment at times, which makes her job of selling properties for the Channel 4 show hard.

“It’s actually happening a little bit at the moment,” Laura replied when asked about the toughest aspect of being on A Place in the Sun.

Speaking from Italy, she continued: “In fact, I just got a text message from Jas [Harman] and she said to me, ‘Oh, no, it’s really raining in Spain, what’s the weather like where you are in Italy?’

“And I’m like, ‘you know, it’s not been much better, to be honest’.

“We’ve had like a few weeks [of bad weather] and that that does make it hard when you’re tired and you’re trying to show people properties on A Place in the Sun and then it’s not sunny.”

She added: “But you know, if that’s the hardship of it, then it’s not really hard.

“Because you’re still getting to travel and explore and meet people and stuff.

“So I think we’ve just been a little bit unfortunate in the last couple of weeks, but most of the time the sun is shining.”

Laura has been on A Place in the Sun since 2012, and said she is very much “part of the team”.

“It’s a fantastic job, I absolutely love it,” she continued. “I love being part of the team, long may it continue.”

Talking about how she deals with extra picky guests, Laura explained why it never bothers her.

“Property is such a personal thing,” Laura stated. “So even if you sort of think you’re ticking the boxes for someone, they need to feel it as well.

“You either feel it or you don’t, and if a couple don’t feel it, they don’t feel it.

“And I get that – I’ve bought and sold quite a few houses in my time and you know, some of them you just walk in and when you see something you like, you know.

“It could be a property that does tick all the boxes but if it doesn’t feel right it doesn’t feel right.

“So I would never, ever question or be upset if a property wasn’t for somebody, it’s really personal and a big commitment.”

Laura described finding the perfect place for people as being “incredibly rewarding”.

“It’s amazing when someone falls in love with it and they’re going to buy it and you’ve been part of that journey for them.

“And they feel it too because it’s a story for them to tell, ‘We brought a property abroad and so-and-so from A Place in the Sun helped us find it’.”

Laura is also taking part in A Place in the Sun Live, the official exhibition of the Channel 4 series

It makes a welcome return to London Olympia this spring as a world of overseas properties come under one roof.

The London show will feature over 100 exhibitors from all over the world ready to showcase their collection of beautiful overseas homes for sale.

Spain will be represented by agents from all over the mainland, the Canaries and Balearics with properties for sale from £50,000 upwards. Or if it’s France, Italy, Portugal, USA, Cyprus or elsewhere, experts will be on hand to help.

Held from May 6 – 8, tickets are available at

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