Intruder fans invent hilarious drinking game after spotting character's VERY annoying habit

INTRUDER fans have invented a hilarious new drinking game after spotting character's VERY annoying habit.

The Channel 5 crime drama continued last night with it's second instalment as Sam angrily confronted Rebecca’s boss Angela (Helen Behan), who was a witness to the killing.

But viewers were left in hysterics with Sam repeatedly saying Angela's name over and over again throughout the episode.

Several distracted fans joked that this had given them the idea to lighten the mood with a drinking game.

One viewer hilariously posted: "Every time he shouted 'Angela', I had a drink. I am shlightly squiffy now. #Intruder."

Another wrote: "New drinking game. Take a shot every time he says Angela #Intruder."

A third shared: "Say Angela again one more time."

A fourth tweeted: "How many times did he want to shout ‘Angela.'"

One fan joked: "Here we go again – ‘Angela, Angela, Angela!"

The series follows married couple Rebecca (Elaine Cassidy) and Sam (Tom Meeten) in the wake of a break-in by two local teenagers.

Last night's episode saw the pair continue to deal with the fall-out from the incident as they desperately attempt to cover their tracks.

The second episode saw Sam, who stabbed the intruder, confronting his alcoholic lover Angela as she threatened to reveal all his secrets, while his wife Rebecca was threatened by a local farmer.

The drama stars former Coronation Street actress Sally Lindsay as a family liaison police officer investigating the case.

However, a number of viewers were left extremely underwhelmed by the episode, with one writing on Twitter: "TheIntruder Nope. Awful. Switching off. Going to watch #TheFamily instead."

Another tweeted: "intruder Jeez… think I'll switch it off n cancel the series link. Wot a loada rubbish – actors and script! Who the hell researches this stuff 4 u??!!"

A third added: "Good god the acting is dire, the plot is dire, why am I watching it#theintruder."

Thankfully, not all viewers felt that way, as one tweeted: "Still no idea, Intruder, how this is going to end, But it IS good."

Another wrote: "This #Intruder on #channel5 is a good watch so far."

Director and writer Gareth Tunley said of the drama: “We’re living in a world where, over the last few years, it seems everything we thought was solid has dissolved into air.

"So a story like this has an immediate and very current appeal: a couple who clearly think of themselves as ‘good’ people have their world completely flipped upside down and all their comfortable moral assumptions turned inside out.

“I think it’s a story of upheaval that, while it contains some of our worst fears, we can all relate to on some level.”

Intruder continues tonight, Wednesday April 7 at 9pm on Channel 5.

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