Inside Stacey Solomon’s tearful two-hour birth as Joe helped deliver tiny baby

Stacey Solomon's sister Jemma has opened up about the Loose Women star's "beautiful" birth and the proactive role boyfriend Joe Swash played in it.

The 29-year-old was forced to miss her own baby shower in the Loose Women studio after going into labour early.

Her labour lasted around just two hours, with Jemma joking that the baby boy "flew out of her".

Jemma said that the overjoyed couple had not yet named their child.

Last night Joe, 37, revealed that Stacey had given birth with a a gorgeous and natural picture of Stacey lying in a hospital bed with her newborn snuggled under a bloodstained blanket, Joe revealed she had gone into an early labour with their first baby together – the fourth in their blended family.

"This morning. A lot earlier than planned I watched the love of my life, bring a new life into the world. We are overwhelmed, overjoyed and apprehensive of what's to come," Joe wrote in his gushing message.

Speaking to Loose Women on the phone today, her sister Jemma said: "Such happy news. She's so good, it was amazing, it was such a lovely birth. I felt so priviledged… I felt like it flew out of her!"

Explaining what the atmosphere had been like in the delivery room, she said: "There were tears of joy, Joe was so good, he didn't know what to do. He was asking 'Am I doing it right?'"

Asked whether she knew the name of the baby, she said: "I don't know the name, I don't think they've picked one… so Stacey can you hurry up!"

She also revealed that Stacey's sons Leighton and Zachary had been "so excited" to meet their little brother and that they "came down to the hospital straight away".

"Zach was scared to hold him because he was so tiny," she said.

Stacey previously admitted that she was very apprehensive ahead of the birth.

“I remember labour. I’m not one of those people who managed to forget it or block it out," she told The Mirror.

“If I’m completely honest, I’ll take painkillers if I need them.

“I didn’t have any with Leighton, ­because it was too quick.”

Stacey had a speedy two-and-a-half-hour labour with her second child.

During a horrific 72-hour labour with Zach she inhaled a mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide through a mask.

“It almost makes your head a bit fuzzy but the pain is still there and you’re less able to do anything about it,” she says.

“I’ll maybe give gas and air a go but I’m such a control freak I’m super-scared of anything that makes me feel out of control.”

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