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LYDIA Bright has given fans a glimpse at her chic new home, which has taken her months to complete.

Despite only giving birth to daughter Loretta Rose just weeks ago, the former Towie star, 30, has regularly kept fans updated on her newly renovated pad.

Documenting the renovation process on her dedicated interior account, Lydia showed off her completed home with a series of snaps.

On the account, which was created back in November 2019, Lydia unveiled her stunning airy bedroom.

Once an empty loft area, the mum-of-one has completely transformed the room into a blissful haven with the help of white bedsheets and soft furnishings.

The room also features an overhead window, making it the perfect spot for Lydia to look up at the stars.

Gushing over the room on Instagram, the reality star revealed she couldn't wait to finally get settled following months of planning.

She said: "After months of hard work and a drained bank balance my house is finally ready to move into just in time for world sleep day.

"I wanted my bedroom to be a place of zen. Somewhere I could go relax, switch off and watch the stars at night. I went with a white, clean, minimalistic theme and picked up my side tables and home accessories from @dunelmuk."

Meanwhile, the living room is beatifically decorated with neutral furnishings and fresh flowers.

The relaxing space, which features a cream textured rug, huge sofa and fluffy pillows, is the ideal space for Lydia to unwind with pals.

Her love of fashion is shown in the selection of books neatly stacked up on a delicate gold side table.

Showing off the room online, she wrote: "Yayyyyyy, my living room is complete. I can’t wait for cosy nights in on the sofa with a movie."

Elsewhere in the house, Lydia's en suite bathroom boasts both modern and traditional elements.

The new shower system is the central focus in the room, while the black and white tiles and silver fittings give it a classic feel.

Alongside a series of snaps, Lydia thanked her dad for helping to put the space together.

"En suite, complete ✔️ I wanted this room to be traditional, minimalistic and space savvy," she said.
"Sanitary ware from AD Jones based in East London (they don’t have insta) Tiles from @mga_tiles and very lucky that my dad @dave_thetiler is a tiler.

"None of this is gifted, I just always try to support local businesses and trade men when I can. It’s hard to know where to look when starting a build so these are all recommended from me."

Lydia, who welcomed her first child last month, previously revealed she's making the most of nightly feeds in her new home.

She told HELLO!: “I’m not even struggling with the sleep!

“I’m loving the night feeds. That’s my favourite time. I sit there breastfeeding and I just stare at her. I definitely feel like I’ve been blessed with a dream child.”

The star, who appeared on reality TV show Towie on and off from 2010 until 2017, announced her pregnancy in August while confirming her split from car garage owner Cronin, whom she had dated for two years.

However, she said that now things are good between the pair, and there is a chance they could be a family.

She said: “We’re getting on really well. Loretta was planned – this was always something we were going to do. So we decided to build up a relationship again.

“I didn’t want to be angry anymore – what’s happened has happened, I’m not going to hold a grudge.”

She said Cronin was present for the birth and cut the cord, adding that he was “amazing”.

“Now we’re in a good place and I do love him, of course I do,” she said.

“I would love to think that we’re going to be a family, and told him that if he could prove it to me between then and when the baby arrived then I would give things another shot."

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