‘I wasn’t a big fan’ Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe speaks out on key Claire change

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Starz’s highly acclaimed romance series Outlander came to an end earlier this month after premiering its highly anticipated sixth season. Actress Caitriona Balfe reflected on her character’s new look in the instalment and made a surprising revelation.

Although season six consisted of eight episodes, it was action-packed with huge storylines for its major characters.

This includes Claire Fraser (played by Caitriona Balfe), as the time-travelling nurse, with the tables turned when she was struck down with a life-threatening illness.

She fell deathly sick, after contracting an outbreak known as “the flux,” and was unable to treat herself or attempt to stop the spread.

As a result, Claire was left in the care of her family and apprentice Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds).

After attending to Claire 24 hours a day for almost a week, Malva and housekeeper Mrs Bug (Sarah Collier) decided to cut her hair off, thinking it would help reduce Claire’s temperature.

Having to rock a much shorter hairdo for her character, Balfe, revealed she “wasn’t a big fan,” of the shorter look.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress confessed: “I like the short one! Not the short-short one, I wasn’t a big fan of that one but the like bob-y one, I’m into it.”

As the haircut was jagged and uneven, Claire was worried about her husband Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) seeing her without her long tresses.

Jamie loved her for more than her looks and helped Claire recover, while her son in law Roger MacKenzie (Richard Rankin) stated: “nothing could make you less beautiful.”

Despite the reasoning for her haircut, fans believed Malva had more sinister reasons for cutting Claire’s hair.

While the nurse was on her deathbed, it was revealed Malva was trying it on with Jamie and took it as far as claiming he was the father of her unborn child.

Fans were convinced cutting Claire’s hair was part of Malva’s malicious plan to make her undesirable to Jamie.

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However, her plans failed and Claire was eventually able to return back to full health, while Malva was mysteriously found dead.

The new hairstyle wasn’t the only transformation Balfe underwent for her portrayal of Claire as she was also dramatically aged.

For the last two seasons, the 42-year-old actress went through a process of cosmetic ageing to become Claire, who was in her mid-50s.

Speaking to Allure, Balfe commended the show’s hair and makeup artist Kerry Skelton for her skills.

She disclosed: “Skelton is amazing, and she has these magic little tricks that she does that highlight the things that make you look older.

“Anything that can bring you closer to the character and remove your ego in the process is a good thing when you’re an actor.

“I relish the opportunity that we get to tell this story of a woman over this expanse of decades in her life.”

Thankfully for fans, they will continue to see more of Claire’s changing appearance as Outlander was officially renewed for another season, this month.

Outlander is available in the US on Starz and in the UK on Starzplay.

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