How old is The Repair Shop’s Steve Fletcher?

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The Repair Shop’s Steve Fletcher is a regular on the series, specialising in his clock and watch work. Fletcher has been appearing in the show for years now, offering his keen insights on all things time-related. has all the details on the BBC presenter and professional tinkerer.

How old is The Repair Shop’s Steve Fletcher?

Steve Fletcher has been contributing on The Repair Shop since the series debuted, offering a unique specialisation to the team. 

Steve is a horologist, which means he works with watches and clocks, and has consistently proved he has a wealth of information on the devices he brings back to life.

Born in Oxfordshire, Steve is 57 years old and is the father of five children.

While some fans think Steve is married to his co-presenter Suzie Fletcher, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Steve has a partner called Mel, while Suzie is his older sister.

In fact, Suzie was inspired to join the series because of her brother, explaining to The Telegraph: “Every time [Steve] called he looked to be having such a good time I jokingly said, ‘If they need anyone to do leather I’m your gal.’

“I really was joking but after several phone calls and a lot of reassurance from Steve I agreed to give it a go and joined the team.

“I’m so happy I did as this is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever been involved with and it’s also helped me through some very dark days.”

Steve and Mel have been together for years, with the pair living in Whitney nearby Steve’s clock repair business – The Clock Workshop.

The star is following in the footsteps of his family’s legacy, as the shop has been in the Fletcher family since 1910.

Originally opened by his grandfather, three generations of Fletchers have been repairing clocks and watches for the local community and beyond.

Steve keeps most of his personal life private, with very little known about his partner Mel.

However, he did admit it was because of Mel that he got involved in the series in the first place. 

Speaking to the BBC, Steve said: “In 2016 I received an email from a company that I hadn’t heard of asking if I would be interested in taking part in a brand new show.

“Not trusting anything that is on the internet, I nearly deleted it and would have done if my partner, Mel, hadn’t stopped me saying that it all looks ok.

“I responded and a few moments later had a phone call from [producer] Shane who told me about the show and I agreed to appear on it.”

The star also gives fans some insight into his life on Instagram, often sharing pictures of his latest repair work.

Occasionally the star has shared pictures of his five children.

Last year, the presenter shared an image of himself and his five kids on holiday in Cornwall, which was when he revealed his number of children.

“Keeping the family theme going today… I asked on my stories how many children you think I have – the answer is five, plus four grandchildren,” Steven captioned the post.

The Repair Shop is available to watch on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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