Horrified Belle confronts Cain over plot to kill for Kyle in new Emmerdale video

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‘Death threats and trying to get rid of someone.’ Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) is back in Emmerdale where he belongs, but it’s obvious from a new video clip that he’s not about to settle back quietly into village life after being released from prison.

The main reason for this is, of course, that his son Kyle (Huey Quinn) is currently being held in a secure unit awaiting a plea hearing for killing Al Chapman (Michael Wildman), a crime that Cain was previously determined to face life imprisonment for in an effort to protect his young son.

As Cain turns up for his first day back at work following his release, he’s greeted by Belle (Eden Taylor Draper), who reassures him that he’ll see Kyle again soon, but Cain isn’t convinced. ‘You know what those places are like,’ he says, ‘Especially for kids who aren’t equipped.’

‘He’s your son,’ Belle reasons. ‘He’s equipped.’

They’re joined by Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson), who’s worrying about the plea hearing. She asks Cain if he believes that Caleb (William Ash)’s lawyers will be able to get the case thrown out and Cain isn’t happy at the mention of his long lost brother. Belle asks him what he said to Caleb in the pub the previous day.

‘I said to him that he’s served his purpose and he needs to get gone,’ Cain tells her. ‘That, and I’ll kill him if I see him.’

Amy and Belle can’t believe that Cain is threatening to kill people, though he protests that he didn’t mean it.

‘This is Al all over again,’ a furious Belle says.

Cain makes it perfectly clear that he blames Caleb for the fact that Kyle is locked up rather than being in school where he should be. ‘Why don’t you open your eyes and see him for what he really is?’ he demands. ‘Nothing.’

Belle isn’t convinced and leaves him with a warning: ‘If you want to meet Caleb in a barn with a gun, make sure Isaac hasn’t followed you.’

It’s clear that Belle blames Cain for everything that’s happened – but with his anger aimed squarely at Caleb, could he be prepared to carry out his threat and kill again?

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