Hollyoaks star James Sutton warns that George's abuse plot will reach sickening new low involving John Paul's family

HOLLYOAKS star James Sutton has warned that George Kiss' abuse plot will reach a sickening new low involving John Paul McQueen's family.

The actor – who has the deputy head teacher on/off since 2006 on the Channel 4 soap – lifted the lid on what viewers can expect to see develop between the pair in coming weeks… and it doesn't sound good.

Earlier this week it was revealed that the hunky cop (Callum Kerr) takes his controlling behaviour to a new extreme after he lashes out at John Paul.

After George finds out that he may lose his job because of Nancy Hayton (Jessica Fox), the policeman confronts her and John Paul decides to stay out of it – leaving him furious.

And that's just the start of it as James has hinted that things are about to get a whole lot worse for John Paul as as George manages manages to wrap his whole family around his little finger.

The actor recently told Inside Soap: "For the most part, the McQueens think that George is great!"

He continued: "They don't see what's happening behind closed doors, they don't see the degradation of John Paul's psyche and his relationships.

"They think George is an upstanding officer of the law."

James also hinted that things are only going to get worse for John Paul as he starts to feel like he can't reach out to anyone about what's going on.

George, who has already been showing signs of manipulating behaviour towards his partner, manages to get John Paul exactly where he wants so that he can keep in control.

James explained: "He makes sure that John Paul answers to him, as opposed to it being a partnership, and the balance shifts quite a bit in the coming months.

"It will get nastier from New Year onwards…"

The copper has already played some awful tricks on the teacher, including when he pretended that he was the dead person in the body bag on the New Years Eve special.

But what does he have in him to do next?

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