Holly Willoughby steps in as Alison Hammond suffers blunder ‘You weren’t paying attention’

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Alison was on This Morning to talk about her new documentary, Back To School, which airs tonight on ITV and follows the presenter as she goes on a historian journey to discover black figures who have been hidden from Britain’s history. She will highlight stories and achievements made by black people which have been overlooked in school curriculums.

But that wasn’t the only announcement Alison had to make to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

“You are also going to be a guest editor on This Morning,” Phillip revealed.

Smiling Alison replied: “I am. I’m going to whip you into shape!”

“So, being an editor on this, all decisions are made, you shape the show,” Holly remarked. “What is your show going to look like?”

The presenter explained: “Well, Holly, I’m not going to be scary, it’s just going to be a fun, packed show with a little bit of depth.

“I might change it up a little bit here, I don’t know.”

“Can we have cute animals please?” asked Holly.

Alison answered: “There’s going to be a lot of animals,” before rubbing her teeth with her finger.

She told viewers: “Sorry I’ve got lipstick on my teeth.”

“I’ve been sat trying to tell you,” Holly exclaimed.

Alison revealed: “You’re so lovely! Because of girl code she’s been going like that,” before mimicking Holly telling her to check her teeth.

Holly laughed: “I was really trying to do it subtly and you weren’t paying attention.

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“It’s on that one, this side, nearer me, nearer me,” she continued as Alison rubbed the lipstick off.

“We’ll do lipstick tips on the show,” the presenter advised as Alison stated it would be “item number one”.

The moment came after Holly thought she’d been called “Miss Piggy” by her co-star at the top of the show.

Dressed in a blue dress which was layered over a cream knit jumper, Holly looked stylish as ever.

But she broke into laughter when she thought Alison had compared her to the Muppets character.

“Alison Hammond, who is just behind my camera there, went ‘You look nice like Miss Piggy.’”

“No, Twiggy,” Alison clarified as Holly continued: “Literally three seconds before we went on air and she spat her water out across the room!”

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10am.

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