Holly Willoughby grills Wayne Lineker for not ‘dating women his own age’

Holly Willoughby was hailed by fans on Twitter after she gave Wayne Lineker a grilling for not "dating women his own age".

The 39-year-old was joined by co-star Phillip Scofield, 58, for the interview with the brother of football legend and Walkers star Gary Lineker, while the Ibiza club owner joined by video link.

Wayne, 58, is taking part in the hit series of Celebs Go Dating after being unable to find the right lady companion.

If his extensive list of requirements for his next girlfriend is anything to go by – including for the hopeful to be "intelligent but not boring" and to be younger than himself "as that would look weird" – then it'll be no mean feat to find Mrs Right.

Speaking to the This morning duo about his quest for love, Wayne said: "My family are very concerned about me because when I'm single I tend to get carried away.

"I want to settle down and I don't want to have this crazy lifestyle."

Seemingly surprised that the bar owner appeared to have a change of heart, Phillip asked if he was still single due to trust issues – especially because he's often pictured with lots of "beautiful women in bikinis".

Responding, the pundit's brother chirped back: "Once I'm in a relationship, I'm in a relationship. I've never cheated on a girl in my life."

Trying to get to the bottom of why previous relationships hadn't worked out previously, Holly pondered over the thought of Wayne's ideal dating age being "above 30".

At that point, the soon to be reality star added: "Between 30 and 45 would be an ideal age for me now."

Clearly baffled at his wide but selective age range, Holly chirped: "What's wrong with women your own age?!"

"I don't know, I couldn't rule it out. I guess everyone has their own attractions, don't they?" replied the former actor.

Viewers at home didn't seem to have a better opinion of Wayne following the interview with one online user hoping he "gets egg on his face" during the Channel 4 dating programme.

One person wrote: "Does Wayne Lineker think he's some sort of catch?!"

While another fumed: "I can't wait to watch Celebs Go Dating to see Wayne Lineker get egg on his face!"

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