Holly Willoughby calls Gordon Ramsay ‘brutal’ for ripping into Gino D’Acampo

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Gordon Ramsay has slated rival celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo’s frozen food range, joking that the Italian chef uses “cheap ingredients”.

The rant came during a segment on This Morning where Gordon helps viewers with their culinary dilemmas.

They were discussing various types of cheeses when Gordon said that Gino only uses the cheap varieties on his frozen lasagne.

Holly Willoughby laughed and called the 54-year-old chef, known for foul language and his bad temper, “brutal”.

However, Gordon merely said he was being “honest”.

It started when a viewer asked how she could make her lasagne better and get it “perfectly golden on top”.

After seeing a picture Gordon said it “looks like one of Gino’s at Asda for £2.59.” Both Holly and Phil looked shocked but admitted the dish "needed browning off" .

Gordon said: "So get smart with filling and use things like vine tomatoes to layer it up."

But back to Gino, 45.

Gordon added: “By the time it takes to defrost Gino’s – three hours – there’s a pool of water on top and the cheese has gone to pot.

“And Gino, you should know better – use expensive British cheddar cheese on your frozen lasagne at Asda!”

Holly laughed and made the “brutal” comment.

Taking to Twitter, viewers couldn't help but crack up at the tension between Gordon and Gino, who have been filming their TV show together.

One user wrote: "I love the shade between Gordon Ramsay and Gino."

Another said: "I like Gordon on here and his little digs at Gino, wonder if they're still good mates."

A third simply wrote: "Gordon heckling Gino", alongside a series of laughing emojis.

Gino and Gordon appeared to gain a love-hate friendship while filming Gordon, Gino and Fred's Road Trip as they travel around different locations.

They have certainly had a lot to say to one another while spending time abroad, but especially after Gordon recently told Gino that he believed Greek cuisine was better than Italian.

A shocked Gino immediately put his drink down and fumed at the TV chef as he clearly disagreed with the sentiment – but while their taste in food is clearly very different, it looks like the duo get on well – even if it is only through jokes and swipes thrown at the other.

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