‘His grandfather is seriously ill’ Piers Morgan blasts ‘distasteful’ Harry and Meghan

Meghan Markle and Harry: Piers Morgan criticises Oprah interview

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they would be spilling all on the Duchess of Sussex’s arrival into the Royal Family to Oprah Winfrey after it was confirmed Prince Philip had been admitted into hospital. Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan blasted the pair as “insensitive” as he lamented them for wanting their privacy while agreeing to do a tell-all interview. 

Piers remarked: “If you want privacy you don’t do Oprah for two hours and you particularly don’t do it after hearing as they had earlier that day the Duke of Edinburgh aged 99 had been taken into hospital.

“He’s now on his 13th day in hospital and I’m sorry but I think we’re entitled to say this is incredibly distasteful.

“[For them] to be doing this kind of confessional in which they’re bound to be critical of the Royal Family and the monarchy at a time when his grandfather is in hospital and clearly quite seriously ill [or] he wouldn’t have been in there for two weeks. That’s my view others may have a different view.”

Author and former tabloid newspaper editor, Eve Pollard said: “Having your family, and every family has its little glitches, discussed on TV with Oprah Winfrey – the fact they’ve extended it to two hours rather worries me because there’s obviously a lot in there.”

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“Oprah says it’s the greatest interview she’s ever done which I can tell you is Oprah speak for juiciest,” Piers added. 

Earlier in the interview, royal commentator Kristen Meinzer and Piers clashed over whether the royal couple should expect their privacy to be respected. 

Kristen shared: “I think there is a big difference between having ones having privacy invaded, ones mail intercepted, a person hiding in the bushes to take pictures of you and your children, that’s completely different from choosing to tell your own story.

“One is a clear invasion of privacy as determined by a court of law in your country – that is an invasion of privacy, telling ones story is not.”

“If you want to be left alone why would you go on Hollywood open top bus tours of Beverly Hills with a camera crew as Harry did last week with James Corden and then have a two-hour special on prime time American TV with Oprah where you spill all the beans about your private lives?” Piers asked. 

“How does that live up to the mantra, ‘We want to be left alone and we had to leave Britain and the beastly press to be left alone?’”

“Well you just said it right there the “beastly press” with a long history of misogyny, racism, of abuse there is a difference between trying to escape that kind of abuse and choosing to tell your story,” Kristen replied. 

“Can you give me one example of a headline in the British press that you thought was racist?” Piers asked. 

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Kristen answered: “Yes, calling Meghan Markle ‘Straight out of Compton’ is clearly trying to make an illusion to her being a gangster and very specifically a black gangster.”

“It wasn’t actually,” Piers hit back. “Did you read the article?”

“Yes it was,” Kristen argued. “And there’s also a headline that compared her to a jihadist. Why would you be a jihadist because she was working on a charitable cookbook? 

“That is racist, that is unacceptable and who would not want to escape that abuse Piers?”

“I’m sure we’re going to hear this when we hear Oprah Winfrey’s [interview] it will all be skewered as toxic British press,” Piers said. 

“The thing is, Eve Pollard, I read that whole piece in the Mail and maybe it wasn’t the best headline but the truth is Meghan grew up a few miles from Compton. She was an incredibly unusual bride for the Royal Family.

“She was the first non-white bride in the Royal Family, she grew up in LA in quite a tough neighbourhood. None of that was, in my view, racist it was just showing people how different this royal bride was going to be to all the others. 

“And by the way the British press embraced the difference and thought how wonderful it was that we were going to have finally a mixed-raced royal bride.”

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