Here’s a look at the cast of The Light in the Hall

The Light in the Hall: Iwan Rheon stars in trailer

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The Light in the Hall is a dark new series to kick off your New Year airing on Channel 4 this evening (January 4) at 9pm. The Welsh six-part series follows one mother’s search for the truth following the disappearance of her daughter nearly 20 years early. has the lowdown on the drama and where you may recognise the main players from.

Episode two will be hitting screens tomorrow (January 5) on Channel 4 at 9pm and the whole series is going to be available on All 4.

The show will also be airing two episodes a week for those who prefer to savour rather than binge their television.

The Light in the Hall was shot simultaneously both in English and Welsh with the cast having to switch languages after each take.

The show is set in Llanemlyn, Wales and tackles as decades-old murder case.

Who is in the cast of The Light in the Hall?

Sharon Roberts – Joanna Scanlan

BAFTA-winner Joanna Scanlan takes on the role of grief-stricken mother Sharon Roberts, who will be trying to learn about her daughter Ela’s disappearance.

Scanlan has appeared No Offence, Hold the Sunset, The Accident, The Larkins and Gentleman Jack.

She said of her character: “What she really wants is her daughter back and she can’t have that.

“The only thing she really wants is what she can’t have and I think the madness that ensues because of that, she just cannot face that reality of loss. She’s in a netherworld, a half world because she just wants to be with her daughter.”

Joe Pritchard – Iwan Rheon

Iwan Rheon appears as convicted killer Joe Pritchard who took the fall for Ela’s murder and is facing the prospect of parole.

Despite confessing to the murder, Joe was never able to explain what happened to the body.

Rheon has appeared in Game of Thrones, Misfits, Riviera, The Snow Spider and American Gods.

The actor said about coming to the project, he said: “I had been looking for something in Welsh and when The Light in The Hall came along I thought the script was strong and it was something I really wanted to do.

“But it was quite tricky going back and fore between the two languages. There were two scripts and the way it is filmed is quite complicated. Luckily for me Joe is a very quiet character – especially in the first episode!”

Cat Donato – Alexandra Roach

Alexandra Roach takes on the part of journalist Cat Donato, who is determined to stop Joe from getting out of prison.

Roach’s biggest parts include Utopia, Viewpoint and Sanditon with the show reuniting her with her No Offence cast mate Scanlan.

Speaking about her character Cat, Roach said: “When we first meet Cat Donato she is a journalist in Cardiff. She’s been thinking about something that happened to her 15 years ago in Llanemlyn, a town in West Wales where she grew up and where her her best friend Ela went missing.

“Nobody knows what happened to her and they never found her body. And it’s always been at the back of her mind. Her parents took her away from Llanemlyn when she was 15 to give her a fresh start away from all of that trauma.

“So she decides in episode one that this is the story that she needs to investigate. She needs to find out what happened to Ela. We see her travel back to Llanemlyn and dive into the story and try to come to terms with what happened and to try to find out the truth.”

Ela Roberts – Ella Peel

Ella Peel takes on the role of Sharon’s daughter Ela Roberts, who disappeared 18 years early.

Peel has starred in 35 Diwrnod, Pobol y Cwm, Gangs of London, Nobody Girl Tracy Beaker Returns and Hinterland.

Sali – Catherine Ayers

Catherine Ayers takes on the part of Sali after roles in Living a Lie, Keeping Faith and The Wrong Place.

Greta – Annes Elwy

Annes Elwy portrays Greta and her previous roles include Little Women, Hidden, Wolf and The Feast.

Other cast members include Mari Ann Bull as Young Shelley, Ioan Hefin as DCI Parry, Dylan Jones as Young Joe, Aled Bidder as Rhys and Aled Pugh as Ian.

The Light in the Hall airs on Channel 4 tonight at 9pm

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